Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


Amazing contrast in temps yesterday…56F in Atlanta, 108F in Phoenix…upper 80Fs into Canada…

NWS raised the temps here tonite…showing 38F…ill leave everything out now… Next week has some frost potential…but still iffy.


They’re using the f-word here for the next couple of nites


Airmass doesn’t change much tomorrow… temps should plummet once the sun sets… Sitting at 67F…so looking at quite a drop by morning. I planted some zinnias in the ground…marigolds next…tomatoes, peppers… let it all fry.


No frost…cold station of mine had 36F…the warmer one had 37F…airport i think had 39F… Looks safe in the days ahead (locally—eastern WI could get zapped tonite),—still nothing warm/hot…lots of 60Fs. Looking for heat? Go to Alaska


I’m declaring victory for this year. Maybe the Curcullio or squirrels will have a say, but the strange weather will not get my blooms and fruit this year. Compared to last year which was almost a total wipeout, this is shaping up to be a great year. . .


Yeah same around here…going to be a HUuuuuge apple year in these parts. My trees really put out a bloom and ive noticed other apple trees just loaded with blooms. Ton of cots (I was thinning today), plums, etc etc…even peaches made it through. Squirrels will be a problem no doubt.


Odd - NWS has frost advisory again for tonite - lower temps, They Say


There are lots of apples in bloom on the hillsides in the Driftless region. I did not realize wild apples were so common up there.

Looks like I missed the frost this weekend. I think I will call it on worrying about frost for the year.


mid 60Fs this afternoon…this is quite the streak of nice weather. I have my tomatoes in the ground…the soil was a little cool, but they were outgrowing their pots.

I’m not worrying anymore …if anything i could cover the maters…everything else can fend for itself.

After mid month…the more summer like heat should be showing up (80Fs)…

Rabbits are eating my coneflower leaves, but they won’t touch the ground ivy (cc)…


Nothing will touch the ground ivy!


Gonna cover beans, potatoes, maybe strawberries. But strawberries are coming up thru plastic and aren’t showing buds yet, so I think they’ll be OK


That’s right, don’t use the f-word, just like the h-word, Use them and that"s a paddlin’(admiral Jingles)


No f-word last nite, after all. I think I’m home free


We got the F word here… Down to 31… I don’t think it will affect much as we have been out of bloom for a couple of weeks and fruit has set well. So… I hope…


You’re never really free till the F-free date. Nothing out till the 15th for me. I’ve seen May 14 frosts. But it does look really good.


Yeah, you can’t trust the forecasts. I was looking forward to 3 more dry days, now They Say 1/2 inch of rain tonite


Got to 32.9° on the home weather station this morn, don’t know how accurate it is. Not really worried, as we have nothing planted yet. I do wonder how it’d affect the fruitlets on our old apple trees. They’re up on a hill, so they’re prob OK.

We had a 29° freeze last May 16, so I’m hoping we’re done with the cold weather. We want to get our tomatoes and peppers in the ground in a few weeks.


I’m cautiously going to say yes…at least for a hard freeze…30Fs…probably a given still in these parts…but 20Fs…unless you are in a frost hollow… Long range seems to keep the troughing out west and in the east…if anything…Canada torches in many parts… Alaska will torch in this pattern…


Late may seems to suggest plenty of warm…

I even found some sunflowers sprouting (from last years plants)… i never pre start sunflowers…they always seem to do best coming up from seed in the ground. Rabbits love them too.


we’re in for a hot and dry May…weather forecast calls for no expected rain events for the remainder of the month…pretty scary considering we already have a huge fire on the Florida/Georgia border and we’re 9 inches below normal rainfall…supposed to hit 95 this week…