Suggestions on Fixing this (Burr Knots)

They’ve been in the ground for a year, and are well rooted, so I don’t want to dig them up and plant them deeper. Is there anything else I can do to fix the burr knots?

I ordered these apple trees from Century Farm orchards. It’s “Red Rebel” and “Reverend Morgan” on M111 rootstock. The grafts looked weird when I got them, but grew together well. I painted the trunks white to decrease chances of cold damage. Trees are still dormant.

Someone on one of these forums suggested I should sand/grate mine off. I did so but not all the way because it seemed too invasive. Afterwards I applied neem to possibly help with healing and insect control, and to make me feel better for putting them through it. Mine were on at least six trees that I had left the spiral trunk covers on, even though they had openings at intervals. Others suggested it provided a dark and moist area that supported such growth. They are unsightly, but perhaps not really not damaged.

I’ve bought many trees from Century Farm Orchards. I have never received one that looks like that. CFO stock has always been pretty good for me. I have never received one like that.

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I don’t have covers on. The trees came like that. If it was just a couple I wouldn’t worry, but it’s almost every bud point. If I had done some research I should have planted them deeper, but it’s a little late for that. I think I will try cutting them off. I’ll try and post pictures.

You were fortunate. I got four. Maybe I got them all.

For what it’s worth, that’s been my experience as well - but I only leave a couple of inches of MM111 rootstock exposed when planting.

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You could mound dirt up around it,
To like 2inches below graft.
So looks like a wheel barrow or two