Sumo Orange

I am new to this site. You guys have lots of information.

I am in Texas and would love to have a Sumo Orange tree. I realize they are
A friend of mine know how to graft.
Is there anywhere to purchase this orange tree.
Thanks Carol

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You could order scions from

It will be a bit pricey for out of CA orders.

Whew…That’s going to be some expensive citrus.

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Where do you live in Texas?

I was reading about that import fee. Do people with a license have to pay this.
That is a lot of money unless you want to sell.

Also, we are in Texas and the state does not allow anything to come in from outside the state.
This is a real issue for us.

Thank you, all responders, Carol

Oh, I didn’t see the last question.

I live inside of Houston, but could travel anywhere.


You could save yourself a lot of money and headaches by just buying a Gold Nugget mandarin tree, very similar fruit, a bit smaller, but better tasting fruit IMO. We are lucky to get to try a lot of different citrus here in Ca., and Gold Nugget is in my top 5. Sumo probably would not make my top 10, such an abundance of fresh citrus here!


@fruitnut Curious about your other top 5. Gold nugget is fantastic, even our young tree’s fruits are delicious. To me Sumo is jucier, a little sweeter and maybe less dense than Gold nugget which has an amazing acid sugar balance
Oops, i meant @fruitgrower!

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Thank you guys, I have enough orange trees. Had decided no more. Not many discuss that when the fruit is ripe, there is lots of work. Juicing, etc. This year we broke 2 or 3 electric juicers.

Guess I better wait for he Sumo. Maybe the availability will come to Texas. I had heard the growers wanted to keep this gem for themselves not making it available to the public.

Please post if anyone knows where it may be available in TX. Carol

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It would take a while and youd probably have to eat a bunch (shucks!) to get a seed but this blog compares seed grown and grafted fruit.

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Enjoyed your blog. CA can grown anything. Noticed the 3 types of naval oranges.
Didn’t know there were so many.
I do have a naval that doesn’t produce much and does not taste good.
Have to have someone cut it down this year. Time to go.

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You should try top working it to save few years of growth.

Do you believe cutting the naval orange back will make the fruit taste better.
There are few and they are not good.
The only citrus like this.

I wish i could take credit for the blog but its just one i found researching sumo.
Do you know what variety your navel is?
Pictures of fruit and tree would be useful to figure out whats going on with it

The author of this blog is @Marta.


@Lids, over here in Orangevale Ca we have cool winters that bring out the sweetness in a lot of citrus. The Gold Nugget is really good here, from mid February through mid March. After that they get dryer and dense with warming weather. At the time both GN and Sumo are ripe and prime, which is really close, here the Gold Nuggets seem more intensely flavored. The Sumo to me tastes like a larger, drier, and more watery flavored Gold Nugget here. But they are very similar,I think it just comes down to where you are growing them. As far as top 5 I am really liking Blood oranges and Mandarins. I really like Satsuma mandarins, Morro blood orange, Tarrocoo Bream blood orange, Gold Nugget mandarins, and Tango mandarins, as well as others, I have heard Kisu mandarin is best down there in SD, where the weather is always better, here it is not as good as there but still very excellent. What are your favorites down there, we covet your weather here in nor-cal, it gets cold here in the winters!


I highly recommend Boukhobza orange. The wood is available from CCPP


The Gold Series is tops in my books, big and full of flavor, juicy. Just grow them and be done.
Tree’s are very hard to find.Harris might have them, haven’t bought anything for years.


@aap, the gold series is very good and I should have included Yosemite Gold in my top 5.

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@Marta, I will have to try that one, can’t remember trying that at the last citrus tasting we went to. Hard to remember everything when there is so many to try. Can you describe it for us, thanks!