Supplemental grow light outdoors

Hi folks, I was wondering if anybody ever used supplemental grow lights outside for shady area of the garden? Or this is completely crazy idea? I found some grow lights on Amazon that can be used outside, claimed to be water proof: and also this one:

I have been using lights out sided for the last few years with good results. My smaller tree I would bring in at midnight and place under a light and put outside in the morning.

Is your light outside? What kind of light do you use if that is outside?

My lights on my inground trees were used as heaters on very cold night. I made my own setup that use standard CFL bulbs. I don’t have pictures now. They are at home.

Good to know that grow lights can be used successfully outdoors. Thank you

Grow lights are used in greenhouses in the north to supplement light in the darkest months.

As long as the bulb and fixture are both rated for wet environments, there’s no reason you can’t put a grow bulb in an outdoor/landscape type of fixture.

I understand, that is usual usage of grow lights along with indoors. I am trying to see what are the options for outdoors. My backyard has a lot of shade from huge oak trees around, I am trying to find a way to grow some berries in my shady garden. So far found several grow lights that are rated for outside

Hard to find though, especially after reading reviews

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You probably want to check UL or IP ratings. Here’s a pretty good summary of what the different ratings mean:

Thank you @swincher , it is easy to find LED lights that are outdoors rated and for wet area, but difficult to find LED grow lights outside rated. There are couple on Amazon, but hard to tell ifvthey are actually rated for outside by North American standards

Hi folks. I ennded up ordering these lights, just because couldn’t find anything better.

They look good! I ordered a string for my ghouse. My tomato seedlings get so leggy in spring waiting for increased hours of daylight.


I hope they also work as advertised, but anyway would be better than without them, if they just work at least :smile:

Just received lights from Amazon. They don’t work!! Returning for a replacement. We’ll see!!

Hi @cdamarjian, I received mine, they work fine. The trick is to insert the bulbs properly, try to slowly screw them in until they are fully engaged so the white strap is not visible anymore. They should work. If I didn’t know that I would also think that they don’t work.

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OH!!! You’re right!! Thanks

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