Supplier for Honey Punch Pluot Tree Wanted

I went to pick up flavor grenades from the local farmers market because my tree is too young and she had some honey punch pluots too - boy are they good!

I’d like a tree, but I can’t find one, anyone know where to get one?

She also had dapple dandy pluots, but I do not like them enough to buy again. We’re nuts over FG and HP,s though!

I did get a flavor supreme tree, but I’ve never had a flavor supreme pluot, I sure hope I like them. It’s just hard to find things to try ahead of time, so I go by reviews most of the time.


Dying to get that scion too. Unfortunately it is only for commercial but i think some members got lucky getting one when they used to offer it to regular people. You can ask the place where you got the HP for scion and pay them.

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I had it once but lost those trees. It was a nice pluot and fit into my lineup about second from latest. I’d like to get it back and also Flavor Treat which is later. Maybe we can find a source.

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Hi Fruitnut maybe we can arrange a big order from Dave wilson and people here can order what they want. Not sure how it works to order as a grower if you can buy 50 or 100 trees and pick whatever tree you want or you can only buy in bulk. I would like to order this ff:

Spring flavor mid May to June
Honey punch July to August
Flavorite August
Flavorfall Sept
Fall fiesta Sept-oct

We should pay the one who will manage the trees the tree cost, delivery cost, managing fees.

Just a wishful thinking :smiley:

I think DWN has a 300 tree minimum. And it’s 10 tree bundles of each variety. That’s a possibility but it probably needs to be put into motion now for 2025, not 2024.

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Oh my that’s a lot of trees. That will be hard to do and who will be willing to manage that. Unless we pay the person good amount of $$ which i don’t mind paying.

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I like where your heads at.

I asked the vendor I’m getting a lot of trees from if they could get me an Emerald drop, splash and honey punch pluot trees.

None of those are on their menu.

I will let you know what I find out.

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Oh wow. How many trees are you ordering. Let me know so I can order too. I will pay you. Thank you!!

I have an order in with trees of antiquity, who I believe buys their trees from Dave Wilson. They have some of their pluots for sale, but not honey punch, splash or emerald drop, but I don’t see why they couldn’t special order them for us if they were already getting a bunch of trees from Dave Wilson for next year right? I don’t know how it works, but I will let you know what the response is.


DWN and many other nurseries breed cultivars for commercial orchards only.
So orchards can offer unique products.
At one time DWN did custom orders but have now stopped. At one time while the program was active we did pool our money and bought 100 hundred trees.
Now you have to be a licensed nursery or orchard. Some cultivars are only available to orchards. So you probably cannot get all the trees you want. If any of them?
I have a number of them I ordered but they were obtained via the now defunct SOFT (special order fruit trees) program.
I never got Flavor Blast, one I’m looking for.


I just harvested some Emerald Drop today. Flavor is excellent for a yellow type. Here in Michigan they do produce some acid and are not just bland with a lot of sugar.

These could use a bit more time but can fully ripen on the counter. Yellowjacket and brown rot pests are strong right now. So not to lose anymore i harvested. Taste as is is already excellent.