Surround question

What is the ratio of Surround to one gallon of water? Do you think the chalky taste of the kaolin would deter squirrels, or do they just munch on through it?

I use 3 cups per gallon early in the season and 2 cups per gallon later.

I don’t think it deters squirrels at all.

Somehow, 3 cups per gal was still fairly diluted to me. At my last Surround spray, I put in 4 cups per gal. It was what I wanted.

It probably won’t deter Squirrels but it may deter birds.

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Darn…the squirrels are inching their way through my apples! Thank you Scott and Tippy. :cry:

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Hot pepper spray for the fruit to keep away the squirrels.

What if I put Cayenne pepper in the surround?

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As long as it is fine eniugh not to clog your sprayer, I don’t see why not.

:grimacing:. Why didn’t I think of this before?

I’m now putting deer repellant in my sprayer when I put down other things. The more repellant I get out there the better I figure. The only downside is I irritated my eyes from the hot pepper mist.


What kind if hot pepper mix do you use?

The deer repellent I use smells bad. I feel bad for my neighbor. We are so to one another.