T-budding tutorial

Thanks Jsacadura! I’ll give this technique a try. Do you directly cover the bud with the parafilm? If so, I take it you cut away the parafilm when forcing the bud? I know when I first started grafting, I applied too many layers of parafilm and the buds couldn’t get through.

Of the first chip buds I did on 6/23, the budding tape (like cellophane) seems to have done better than the electrical tape. But, I didn’t use any rubber bands that time to compare. I also only had chip buds that time.

I did another dozen buds today and used budding tape for some and rubber bands for others. (mostly TBuds, along with a few chips). This time it was into all green wood on suckers at the base of an apricot which died back to the ground due to a hard frost in April (~16F).


When i used buddy tape i had to leave a gap or later cut a slit for the bud to push through.

Since i began using grafting parafilm i don’t have to do it any more. I wrap several layers above and below the bud, but i only place 1 strip of parafilm over the bud and i stretch it a bit before i do it, to weaken it even more.

That way the buds don’t have any problem pushing through the parafilm. Usually, even the simple swelling of the bud does the trick and breaks the parafilm. It’s a wonderful material.

A few examples of chips in plums, figs, peaches and kiwis, that i think are self explanatory.

Good luck with your grafts. They are looking good.


Thanks FN, again. Just reread this thread and found my answer!

Apparently you are an excellent teacher! My first t-bud is still alive. I scratched the bottom today and made sure it was green. If you look closely at the picture you can tell._


My forced Flavor King T-bud doing great!


It looks like most of the T(and other)-budding that was reported in this post was done a month or more ago. Upcoming weather here in western Oregon is: low 80s in the day and low 50s at night; probably won’t rain much if any for a month. Is it too late to do budding on my 2nd leaf (for me) trees?

I’m thinking location makes the difference - certainly not too late where I am, would have been too early more than a month ago


A bit over 3 weeks ago, I made a dozen buds (2 chip, 10 T) on the suckers from a Monique apricot which was killed by the hard frost in April. Some Tomcot, some Orangered.

After a week and a half, I cut back the growth above the buds and while I didn’t get great results, I have at least one take on each main branch, 4 in total.

Chips: 0/2
T buds with cellophane tape: 2/6
T buds with rubber bands: 2/4

There are a couple others which may yet take, so I don’t think the cellophane was that bad. But, I think the rubber bands were a bit easier to apply…

So, now I’ve had reasonably good success with plums and some success with apricots, but I don’t think I’ve had any with peaches, even though I did 36 buds in early July. I need to do a complete check, but I haven’t found any takes yet. Hopefully there are a few hiding out there, but it doesn’t seem an easy thing for me to do.

Before removing the bindings:


Never thought of trying cellophane tape!

I have considered masking tape

Keep trying and your success will improve. Nice job!!!

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I wouldn’t have thought of it either, but I received a roll of it for Christmas from my brother. I don’t remember if it was labeled budding tape or grafting tape, though I didn’t use it for any grafting. Stephen Hayes cuts up plastic bags for grafting, so I suppose that is similar too.

Thanks, I’ll probably give peaches one more try in the next week. After that, it may be too late this year. I’d really like to rework most of the large TangO where I get too many rot problems…

It’s amazing the difference 5 days can make with a t-bud. Thanks to your tutorial my t-bud on this pear is growing and looks very promising. I tried 4 t-buds this year. This is the first t-bud I did that I took all the pictures of


Neat and tidy cuts. Great job!

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Beautiful work!

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Of the 4 t-buds I tried on 2 trees both trees had one for sure take. It appears you saved me a year of waiting to re-graft these trees! Remember that last t-bud I showed you from 5 days ago? Thought I better grab a couple of more pictures while I could. In another week the t-bud marks will be gone because it’s growing so fast!


I budded some Honeycrisp and sweet 16, 2 wks ago. If the buds have took and look good, should I force them now? Live in central Ia and first frost is usually Oct. 15.

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I’d say it’s pretty late to try and force now. Two issues: hardening off of any new growth and will it even push if cut back. If tree is growing rapidly it might push but then again it might not.

I’d wait till spring.


What does a dormant bud look like when it’s successfully taken?

Done. That was easy.:slight_smile:[quote=“ltilton, post:58, topic:6167, full:true”]
What does a dormant bud look like when it’s successfully taken?

Unfortunately, in my limited experience, pretty much the same as a dead one.

I should stop looking