T-budding tutorial

Did you have to tie those branches down or did they grow out like that.


@Johnnysapples They grew like that. The pear rootstocks are incompatable with most pears. They fruited extremely fast like quince would do! The rootstocks grew identical to the pear tree. For whatever reason these seedling rootstocks have a lot more influence than normal over the pear scionwood.


very informative thread. Reviving this to add my experience. I am grafting citrus now and tried both with and without the wood in the bud. Removing the wood for the latter is very hard and finicky with the thin budwoods from CCPP. Lets see how many will take.

Also, it is soooo much more easier to do the inverse T than the regular T on the rootstock. The starting point of the bud is the sharpest as I tend to start the cut from there. With inverted T, its easier to poke the separated bark with the sharp end of the bud and easily insert it.