Tarragon Butter

I planted Tarragon from seed last fall. It has grown out well and is getting ready to go to seed. I am thinking I could make some tarragon butter and freeze it. Has anyone made Herb Butter if so what proportions or recipe do you use?

Prune it back snd it will branch out further. Tarragon butter is fabukous sbd do good on fish on the grille!

How much tarragon to a stick of butter? I’m a little wary of the stuff ever since I made tarragon hollandaise for eggs benedict- easy to get way too much.

should not be so bad. Its milder Russian Tarragon not French.

One table spoon green , after it has made a trip to the cuisineart, or half tablespoon dried. I have made it with both, but prefer using fresh, green tarragon, as it turns the butter a light shade of green and it is milder than using dried. Tastes so good! Akso makes for a great alternative to garlic butter.

Thanks! I have a generous sufficiency of fresh, green French tarragon. It surprised me by coming back from the roots this year.

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It does that! I prefer French to Russian as well. Makes the best Béarnaise!

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Tarragon butter is really good with Cornish game hens. Half the hen, alightly flatten each piece, rube tarragon butter under the skin, sprinkle salt and pepper, broil each side for about 8-10 minutes. Really good!
I mix half tablespoon dried tarragon per tablespoon of butter. I think fresh is even better.


My go-to home-made salad dressing is a mustard vinaigrette with fresh tarragon. Served over mixed greens with shredded cheddar cheese and bacon - yummy!

sounds great.