Tasting Rich May and Orange Red, update

After finishing the small Rich May crop I have concluded that it is likely a really outstanding early peach here. The later fruit got a few extra sunny days and that seemed to push up the brix to the point of making it an excellent peach. However, the tree is in very good draining soil with large boulders around it reflecting light so the specific site may be helping.

I will be ordering quite a few for my nursery as I’m thinking it is probably not only my earliest peach but my highest quality early peach. I recommend anyone wanting to push the peach season earlier to give it a try.


I thought that I wanted to try to grow an Orangered. Reports like this are changing my mind. I’m starting to feel like I NEED to try getting one to grow and produce here.

Thanks for the reports.


You getting any split pits on your Rich May? Is the texture at all course and pithy? Or is it juicy and melting?

Alan’s Rich May may have reacted differently, but the Rich Mays I grew here this year didn’t have as many split pits as some other early varieties. Some split pits w/ Rich May, but not too bad.

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All pits are split of Rich May fruit I’ve eaten, but the splits are clean, not fractured or rotting so it’s not an issue. It is the texture you’d expect from a good cling, juicy and fibrous but not melting. What is distinctive is the acid and the red color of the flesh. That is besides the fact that it’s the earliest peach I’ve tried to grow. No Bac spot and a vigorous tree that gave me crop the second season in the northern tier of peach production after a tough winter.

Obviously I didn’t post this report as a serious evaluation, being based on first year cropping in both cases. However I’ve found fruit to pretty much stick to personality over the years. I’m betting some years Rich May will be a bit sweeter but never a memorable peach. I’m also betting I keep the tree for its early fruit, but I’ll keep it small.

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Rich May is off-patent?


Thanks! It certainly fills an empty spot in the season.

We picked Rich May the first two weeks of June. The peaches were the perfect combination of sweet and acid and were very juicy. Most customers who purchased them returned asking for more. Carored followed which were not as good and then the Ruby Prince hit. They were excellent, even better than the Rich May, After a short gap, I’m picking Red Haven now which are OK but they don’t have the same complex flavor as Rich May or Ruby Prince. After Red Haven, Fire Prince, Winblo, Contender and Flame Prince ripen in sequence. Peaches are a new enterprise for us - now in year 3, but so far I really like the peaches.

We would like to add about 20 more trees next spring, but the variety we are interested in seem to be sold out. We tried ACN, Vaughn and Cumberland Valley

I think some online bare-root sellers are still on hiatus, most, not all, have not updated for spring 2016, I too am anxious to place an order or two.

Which variety is that?

Hi Alan, can you please tell me where you purchased your Orangered. I am so glad we can grow them in our area. Many thanks!

Gala and Glenglo. A lot of places sell Gala but I believe ACN controls the license on Glenglo and I have not seen it elsewhere. I may need to place the order 2 years ahead of time

not Alan, but I bought mine from here:


FruitTreeFarm.com has been selling GaLa on Halford. Might become avail again for 2016. Keep an eye on them. Vaughn also has it, but on Guardian.

Yeah, ACN is the only source I know for Glenglo.


When I called last week, I learned that Vaughn and Cumberland Valley lost most of their seedlings last year and will not have a big inventory next spring. I was told to call back in August for Cumberland Valley to see if they would have any June Prince which is my third choice. I’m going to a local peach orchard tomorrow and pick up several variety and see which ones I like that may be an alternative to Glenglo and Gala

Mrs. G, I got OR from ACN but you have to order early.

I had another Rich May this evening that surpassed previous ones. I am liking it more and more.

ACN doesn’t let me do that.


I have placed orders for Apples two years ahead at ACN but never peaches. In fact, the only way for me to get the apples I wanted was to place the orders two years ahead, I believe they may custom bud against the orders, but I believe the minimum is 25 for any specific variety.

Boy, these all sound so great, but probably way too many chill hours for me. I’d love to have a couple of great apricots or apriums. That will set. Besides Blenheim.