Temperate Orchard Conservacy scion


Henry Clay survives!


Well done Matt. Finally you’ve got it! Will you pinch off the blossoms?


I’ll just let it do it’s own thing.


This year I have had several new grafts that had blooms. I pinched them all off. I figured that they did not need to spend energy pushing blooms or setting fruit.

I accidentally let two varieties set fruit last year. Those grafts have not grown much after that.


That is a fantastic list of LImbertwig apples. I have been trying to find some of those particular varieties for years. I wish all of these were still available.


What is Dan doing now? I had been communicating with him off and on for a few years but I have not heard from him after he had his apple books published and he left SS.


I found this online about Dan Bussey’s current activity:

Now he splits his time between Ridgeway, Iowa, and Edgerton, and is helping with the Badger Apple Project, an effort by the Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance of Baraboo to locate old orchards from homesteads that were taken over by the U.S. Army in 1942 to construct an ammunition facility.


TY for the update. Interesting new job/hobby for him. He is continuing the " Apple Hunter" work.We definitely need people like him that have the time and determination to look for old apples and apple orchards.


Victoria Limbertwig. Still hanging tight but just had to try one. :slight_smile: Dense hard flesh with a sweet taste.


Well done. Sounds like you like the taste.


Does anyone know if the Caney Limbertwig that TOC offers is the same as Caney Fork Limbertwig?


Thought I would bump this thread up since I am still looking for a few limbertwigs.

These are the ones that I successfully grafted this year:

Red Royal
Summer Yellow
Hanging Dog
Brushy Mt.
Weaver’s Red
Rockey River
Meyer’s Royal

These are the ones that I already had:
Old Fashioned
Caney Fork
Ben Lamond

I will be looking for any that are not on my list if anyone knows of a source?


Which limbertwigs are your favorite?


Derek Mills has Mammoth Limbertwig. Big Horse Creek Farm has Myers Green Limbertwig. Temperate Orchard Conervacy has Alberta and Rusty Coat Limbertwigs. I may have a piece or two of Royal Limbertwig this winter. That’s quite a collection of Limbertwigs, Pod. :heart_eyes: I am looking for Mountain, Rose, Slatton’s, and Slemp


I have only tasted a few. Favorite is probably Black Limbertwig although a friend let me taste her perfectly ripened Myers Royal LT and it was fantastic. So it depends a lot on learning when to pick them.


Contact me in February and I might have a stick of Slemp LT. I grafted it three places on friends’ trees but am not sure they’re doing well. Will check.


Fantastic list you have so far. Great job finding so many to grow. You may be the next Henry Morton with all the Limbertwigs you will have growing.
Good luck.


I was able to sample 4 different varieties of lt’s this year but had to pick early due to rodent pressures so dont think they were anywhere near perfect flavor. I will have scions of a few varieties this year but wont know which ones for a bit.

@greyphase, TOC did not send me those varieties you mentioned so have to find another source . Steve kelly sent me all the ones i asked him for and more. Wish i would have held off with TOC but ordering scions is a very tricky game when trying to coordinate getting many diff varieties.


@thepodpiper Did Coffelt Beauty/Improved Limbertwig not take for you? I noticed it wasn’t in your list. I can send you another scion this spring if you need.
You supplied tomato and pepper plants to half of NE Ark this year btw.:joy:


I would love to try it again, i will be checking to see what scions i will have to trade shortly. The leaves are finally starting to fall off the trees here.