Temperate orchard conservancy scions

Was going to order some thing and compared to two weeks ago the list is smaller. Anyone know what’s up? Letting trees grow this year?

Could be limited help.

I’m asking.

edit: Okay, perhaps you can update the title to Temperate Orchard Conservancy scions, or something. You probably don’t want to confuse people about the name of the organization.

Apparently this past season was pretty hard on the collection between vole damage, and the historically hot weather, around 115 degrees for 2 or 3 days. Plus they’ve updated the list to avoid requests for wood from tiny trees that are still trying to well establish.

I think thepodpiper’s guess was a good one too though. It is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that is worthy of support.

For people in the area, I bet there are opportunities to volunteer. And anybody can make a donation on their website: http://www.temperateorchardconservancy.org/

Or you can buy scions.

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Just in case my post wasn’t clear, I based my message on a response straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. RE: voles, weather, and updating the list to reduce unfillable requests.

The please support them part, was from me.

The website is down. Anyone know if this is a temporary error or a bigger problem?

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I’ll try to find out.

Okay, update sounds like the site being down is unexpected.

Good news. The site is back up. Sounds like its been a tough year, but still plugging on.

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