Tennoshui pear


Hmm. Wondering if mine is mis-identified, or if the mix-up occurred at Tony’s…and I don’t recall who originally sent it to me… got some pear scionwood from (the late?) Sam Powers, years ago, but I don’t think it was one of them.
I’m still waiting for fruit… my oldest Tennosui was destroyed by a buck in rut and I’ve had to re-start… no fruit yet… and almost no pears at all in our orchard this year.
Looks like I may have to hit some of y’all up for ‘real’ Tennosui scionwood next spring, just to make sure I’ve got the real deal!


Anytime! Just say the word


Just to confuse things…

The Panzarella Citrus website, and John should know, has pictures which match my picture.

But Dave Wilson, who supplied my tree, describe it on their website as bell shaped. No picture on their website. Mine is round, like a large Housui.



I am going to replace my tree but did not want a DWN tree because of that description but your fruit makes me feel better about going that route.