Thanks for everyone’s help

I’ve had the same 10-12 fruit trees for over 10 years but then COVID happened and a friend mentioned pluots and I went deep down a rabbit hole…persimmons, pluots, pluerries, jujubes, figs, grafting, rooting…

I’ve asked for a variety of advice on Growing Fruit and several members have shared/traded scions and seeds with me over the last year. Everyone has been so generous with their time and resources.

I’ve probably overdone it (ask my wife) but I just wanted to say thanks and share a few pictures of the results.

Potted persimmons (among other things)

Greenhouse getting built right now

Apple graft nursery

Rooting figs

Hot callusing bench grafts

Hardening off grafts and rootings (on a wheeled rack I got for $50)


You’re well and truly hooked!


People on this forum and nice and super helpful for sure. I choose not to go down too big of a rabbit hole because I have more limited space and many of these weirder trees are just not hardy to zone 5. Some persimmon will grow here but many pluots, pluerry, figs and so forth do not have a rating scale to my zone. If they do it contradicts another website. For example One Green World states splash is hardy to 5 but the 5 in 1 that features splash only is hardy to zone 6 according to Raintree. I think to a extent with how many trees I have it is time for me to just calm down with buying once I get my persimmon in.

I love seeing members farming pictures!