The best fruit growers group


@scottfsmith i wanted to take a minute to thank you again for all that i have personally learned from you through the years. Thank you for building and maintaining this wonderful website The website turned into so much more than just growing fruit. I think i can speak on behalf of everyone when i say this is the best fruit growers group out there! Hopefully this website continues on long after all of us! The information on this website is priceless!


Yeah, this is indisputably the best site. I clicked on the title ready to argue.


:+1::+1: !


I couldn’t agree more! So much great information from so many knowledgeable people with so much first hand experience. This site is quite an accomplishment. Thank you!


Yes, my thanks to you Scott :four_leaf_clover:


Yes, Scott gets most of the credit, but the Home Garden Web also gets a little for making their fruit forum unbearable to participate in. I think that was Scott’s primary source of inspiration.

It certainly got me here early on.

Thank you Scott for saving all of us from the endless marketing fueled by the insatiable need for corporate profits through advertising.


Yup. I agree 100%

Thank you!


For sure. I used to visit other fruit growers sites but stopped most of that once I discovered Scott’s gem of a site. Learned a lot from all the experienced and fairly new growers here


Fer sure


The advice from this group SAVED my peach trees. I was hit with brown rot (again) and the info from this forum saved the crop and the trees (I was considering cutting them down if I wasn’t gonna get peaches).

Specifically - getting advice on what really worked to stop brown rot…which turned out to be mixing of Immunox & Captan.


Hear, hear!


Agree…growing fruit is a real challenge and a learning journey…if not for this site…and Scott in particular…every time I saw ooze on a stonefruit …that tree would be on my burn pile…finding the information that is needed is like hen’s teeth to find online…it’s like pulling hen’s teeth…if you had pliers small enough to pull a hen’s tooth…imagine the value of that information to the toothfairy…anyway , you get the point.


Yes, thank you, Scott. I haven’t been a member here very long, but I am very impressed with the breadth of knowledge to be found on this site and how civil the discourse is even when there are disagreements.


Yup, this is a great forum with people from all over the world, it gives me a glimpse into their fruit growing trials and successes. Thanks to all for sharing your knowledge as well as those who post their experiments whether they are successful or not. Some of the best tips are from backyard gardeners who try a new method “just to see if it works”. Kudos to Scott and those who work to keep this site going.


The Captan may be doing most of the work. I think the better mix is Monterey Fungus Fighter and Captan.


Definitely agreed! This is probably the best source for technical growing information this side of a 4:20-themed forum.I would like to personally thank the folks who, in addition to spending a lot of time learning how to do this stuff, spend a potentially unhealthy amount of time on here helping us mere mortals muddle our way through.


This is definitely a great source of information and it is greatly appreciated. However I could use some advice on some citrus problems. Any citrus growers here?


This site is the best! Often I don’t have anything useful to add, but I read it regularly. The style and focus on building a fruit growing community are admirable. The information, wealth of knowledge, experience, are very empowering and interesting. I truly enjoy


This is how I feel too. I haven’t been growing fruit long enough to offer advice to anybody. I don’t think I have much to contribute to the site other than taking pictures of my growing trees and posting pictures here which can be annoying sometimes .Haven’t been doing much of that either lately since my phone storage is full and I’m tired of deleting stuff and just waiting till Black Friday to get a new phone. Anyway off topic :smiley: but yes point is I’m one of the less useful members but I check out the site many times a day though I don’t post much.


I grow a couple of types. I probably cannot help, but if you post your problems someone should chime in. I would start a new thread to give it visibility.