The best fruit growers group


Relatively new member here. Many many thank you’s for keeping me up until the wee hours sifting thru all the nuggets; such a shared addiction we have:) Fruit and berries, shrubs in general, are a long term play; they take time to grow and years for us growers to become one with understanding and caring for them. It’s worth the pilgramage, cheers!


Truly a great forum :+1: I have learned much in the short while that I have been here and find myself much more prepared for this up coming growing season! So many helpful individuals and a great wealth of knowledge about many many different topics of growing a wide variety of everything! Glad to have found this place!


Yes thank you to those who created and maintain the site and to everyone who has been generous with advice, scions and fruity commiseration. :wink:


thank you to everyone’s kindness and guidance extremely helpful information and answering my questions. we share photos and what variety does well and what has some issues to watch for. we have a great community here and im very happy to be a part of this group.


Yes, this is a great group. I’m always reading and bookmarking old threads. So much valuable information. Last summer I tried T- budding the first time. After reading here I burn to try it again. Thank you all!!


This is “The” best forum, period, hands down. You couldn’t find a better forum that’s technically perfect. But it’s also the group of members here that are very rich / helpful in growing fruits.
My days of extreme gardening is pretty much done, don’t add any more, just adjusting here and there. I am pretty much in citrus now, not much helpful in any thing else anymore.Things are changing all the time and I choose not to keep up.
My only contribution has been sending out sionwood in the last 6 years, 17 last year, 9 this year. So, every little bit helps somebody.
I did graft a total of 12 pears and pluots yesterday on tree’s I already have. Thanks Tony, Trippy and others, including Andrew. Hopefully I get to try them out.


I joined up coming up on four years ago. This site is a great, free resource. I have learned a lot on here, and some on other sites. It’s too bad I don’t have a lot of folks around me that like to discuss this kind of stuff. I try to with my wife, but she gets that, ‘oh no, not more fruit talk’ look on her face. But, the fact we could be getting some fruit for the first time this year has her a little excited, not as much as me, but still nice to see her interested.


I feel you. My partner doesn’t even like apples! Luckily I have my mother. She’s just like me, or more accurately I’m just like her. :rofl:


Upon seeing the title I wanted to see who presented themselves as belonging in this category, the best of fruit growers.
All kidding aside, this site is well organized.

I just became a member of Home Orchard Society, tried to look up Multnomah apple. Huh, got to wade through thousands of threads…not much to be found about it at all. (Multnomah arrived as an alternate cv. in my first ever scion order from Temperate Orchard Society.) I’ll just give it a whirl & keep you posted if it lives through my grafting.

BTW, because of you fine folks I grafted GoldRush in '17, then planted it deeply two years back to become a standard in the fullness of time. It stands at 9 feet tall after tipping it this winter. A dash outside indicates lots of opening buds. Looks as though it might bloom (partial tip bearer?) if all those rounded buds hold nascent flowers.
Might have a first taste of home-grown GoldRush late in 2020.

Thank you, Scott. Thank ye one & all.


Thanks again for sending the scions. So far I’ve t budded 30 trees and
bark grafted 3. Got my fingers crossed. Still waiting for some other root stocks to start leafing out. Have a total of 75 tree to graft and have 10 additional varieties in addition to what you sent me. How’d you like the various citrus fruit I sent you?


Phil, I shared them with my wife true friend, we were all excited with none store bought fruits, especially the 17 brick grapefruits. Very nice of you to send that package.Bob.


Bob, I am thinking about growing the best and sweetest tangerine in a pot. What are some of the best varieties for me to choose from?



Tony, I am into mandarins but have Page and Lee/Nova, which is considered a tangerine or mandarin. They are both tops, Lee/Nova is a bigger variety. I you want to try in citrus try the new pomelo strains and the Four Gold series mandarins, all tops.


What nurseries did all your citrus came from?


Tree’s are from Harris nursery and sionwood from California. Pomelo’s from Millet and from a member here, Joereal. Logee’s has them. Gold Series are patented tree’s. Four Winds might also.


It is correct that most citrus will grow true from seeds?


In most cases yes but the newer varieties are seedless. If you want to start in citrus, the best advise I can give you, start with “ rootstock “, lot here you should know. The best for your application. I am consider myself as a zone pusher, so not having a lot of knowledge about rootstock because a grafter does crazy things at times. See if it works altitude.


Tony, Four Winds has rootstock for sale, $4.00 each.that would be a good start. Check these guys out with there citrus program.


What variety offered at Logee’s? I just checked the catalog but am not sure what you referred to.


I will order some citrus rootstocks and cleft graft later with your best varieties Bob.