The "Blue Malibu" fig collection

Well, back to working on my fig database. At present there are about 2200 unique names + another 500 aliases. Of the names, about 600 have disappeared from circulation and we won’t likely see them again. Here locally I have 600+ in our repository and I believe HarveyC has at least another 200 that I’m missing.

There is a collector (Doug) who goes by the name “Blue Malibu”. He has introduced several excellent varieties discovered growing wild in north-central CA. Here’s the list I have so far from a few sources:

Honey Newton
Watermelon Wine

Additions and corrections are welcome!


There is another one — Angelito which I had and it died!


My Angelito froze dead when my greenhouse heater died. I had it grafted on two other plants. Both dead.

Oh well I only paid 2100 for it. But it was for a good cause. To support a gravely ill child.


So far my Angelito is hanging in there. But it is quite small :crossed_fingers:t2:
Doug did also (inadvertently) introduce a variety currently called Angelito Not. I’m not sure anyone is continuing to grow that one though. I keep intending to graft to mine but not getting around to it. At this point I may as well evaluate if the fruit is worthwhile.
I think several seedling finds have come out of groups Doug has led in his neck of the woods. The only one of those I’m growing is one named Raspberry Cream. It actually does have the creamiest texture I’ve had from a fig.


For that much money to burn, I would have opened a commercial account with Dave Wilson and bought ten trees from each of 20+ commercial only varieties they carry :blush:

I might have some cash yet to burn. Which varieties would you chose?

Save it for my White Baca, maybe coming to an auction near you later this Spring. I’m working on 3 airlayers right now.

I was able to pry one off the hands of Lloyd Kreitzer in NM. Lloyd didn’t want to give it up that easily. Took a lot of arm twisting, grueling interviews and a good load of cash to make it happen. I’m very happy with it though… Best tasting fig I’ve got in my lineup. It literally tastes like a royal peach Bellini (peach nectar infused with champagne). And it’s early (75 days). A definite winner, which for some crazy reason was kept under tight wraps for such a long time. Very strange.

My review of the White Baca is posted here:

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Maybe I’ll buy some of this,before trying to obtain and grow what sounds like an expensive plant.


Gotta buy the champagne that must go with it! LOL

Probably could get a case and still cost less.

You’re probably right. But the case will eventually run out. White Bacas are forever. :wink:

But it’s not a Blue Malibu! :laughing:

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You’re right, Richard. I apologize. I was just reminding @fruitnut to save a bit of that cash for me. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I’ve been pursuing the world’s best figs for the last 7 years. Some turned out to be great figs. More turned out to be duds. The rare ones more so than others. For instance I paid 1000 for Luv a rare fig from a well known collection in Italy. It was “rare” because no one wanted to eat it.


I second you on that. Luv was one of Mario’s figs if I’m not mistaken. I got a cheap $10 Luv cutting from Khaled last year, which thankfully didn’t root. I heard the reports. LOL

I was absolutely mum on the White Baca until I actually had a few at the end of last July. Blew my mind. I took a big chance on it. I remember paying close to $300 just to have it shipped overnight. I wasn’t taking any additional risk. The story and media coverage of this fig really sucked me in. I didn’t want it to be lost and dumped into obscurity if Lloyd one day is no longer here. There was someone else in NM who was able to acquire it, but he fell off the face of the Earth.

I often don’t go for “rare varieties,” because most of the times it’s all hype, smoke and mirrors. This one on the other hand, I know in my heart will be a top favorite amongst fig growers. I just don’t understand why Lloyd kept it so close to his chest and wouldn’t had wanted more people to have this amazing variety. It’s mind boggling.

I probably will not be as good as you would be to cash in on it, but I will probably release the first few young trees in a few months. Any advice will be appreciated! We can take this conversation private. :slight_smile:

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Bellini’s are made with white peaches.


Okay,there we go.

I’m curious what other figs you grow and consider top tier?
It’s probably not fair of me, but I’m calibrated for zone 9b growing and am a bit skeptical of high praise for figs from zone 6. I’m happy to be wrong, it’s a familiar feeling, lol.


Please see the thread “Keepers” figs. In the present thread I’m desperately trying to find out if there are further offerings from Blue Malibu (Doug).

@AaronN I totally get you. It wouldn’t be fair to compare caprified Californian figs vs uncaprified Northeastern US grown figs. I grew up in Italy and caprified figs was all I knew. But let’s say, uncaprified vs uncaprified, Lloyd Kreitzer, Amado Summers (both from NM) and myself (in Boston) can attest that the White Baca is one heck of a scrumptiously delicious fig.

The current list of figs I grow is the following:

• Black Celeste
• Black Manzanita
• Celeste
• Cessac
• Coll de Dame Blanc
• Colonel Littman’s Black Cross
• Crozes
• De Tres Esplets
• Dr Gowaty
• Exquisito
• Figo Moro da Caneva
• Figoin (Bass)
• Florea
• Gino’s Black
• Improved Celeste
• Italian 258
• La Costa Jewel
• LSU Tiger
• Malta Black
• Mercedes Gem
• Red Lebanese BV
• Ronde de Bordeaux
• San Biagio
• Sao Miguel Roxo
• Smith
• Socorro Black
• UCR-271 Saleeb Caprifig
• Unk Green Greek
• Verdolino
• White Baca
• Zaffiro

But my family is always asking if “any Bacas are ripe.” The #1 most requested fig by a landslide at my household.