The gnomes at The Arboreum Company have returned

It’s that time of the year again and Arboreum Co. has just listed their trees for the upcoming season. I just bought a Hesse plumcot and a Moniqui apricot, hopefully I’ll get them since in the past I’ve seen people say that they did order from them but they ran out or something.

Shop til you drop everybody. :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. you have to use IE and not Firefox, don’t know about other browsers. Looks like they have a security certificate problem.

Aboreumco Co.

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Cool! Looks like it works in Chrome as well but not in Safari. Many have 0 stock and it seems like you have to hunt around to find what is in.

If you want another good unusual apricot for the east, Lasgerdi has been a nice one for me. It will take a long time to fruit but is very tasty.

One Shui Mi Tao left, and its only $50!! :smile:

Those trees that have in stock are for 2016 shipping?

Does anyone knows how much they charge for shipping?

Yikes, if you type in you get right in with Fox. I received an email from them this am. giving me those directions. I looked again for more unusual trees (pears in particular) and couldn’t find what I wanted. Their selection this year looks fairly ‘ditto’ to last year. Maybe they will list more Euro plums. Not sure yet.

Rather disappointed that they dont seem to have any Cristobalina cherry stock this year. I have established rootstock sitting here just waiting for wood…anyone out there have cristobalina wood this winter? Heck id be willing to pay pretty well to get it. After all I was just going to order it in from the Arboreum and chop it up anyway. The mahaleb and colt rootstock they grow on is sure death in our heavy soil.

I wonder if they haven’t fully updated their list yet. I was hoping they’d have more interesting pears too, @mrsg47. Buerre Superfin sounds like a good one, but they don’t have any in stock.

Hardly anything is left and the site just opened.

Has anyone placed an order yet?
I want to place one, but I’m a bit concern with their security certificate.

Same here…I was on my phone and i had to jump through hoops even to get on that site… scary.

I can only tell you my experience with Cristobalina and grafting on other rootstocks and onto existing trees. I bought a tree a few years back and, like you, knew the Mahaleb was a non-starter. I tried grafting a piece of the whip (about 3/8-1/2" caliper) on Krymsk 5 and farmed some out to a truly expert grafter who added some here and there to his existing trees of various kinds.

Every year for three years thereafter I tried–and failed–to get a take and finally after giving me six really good cherries, the original tree died. My expert friend has had about 2-3" inches of growth from his grafts all these years. This past dormant season I took a vigorous potted Krymsk 5 to him and begged him to graft a few Cristobalinas on the branches. He obliged and did one Stella as well.

You can guess. Only the Stella survived. I don’t know whether there are compatibility issues with Cristobalina or what, but the whole episode has sworn me off that variety as much as I wanted it originally.


I think I recall some of this story on the clouldforest forum…so disappointing. Especially hearing how good the few cherries you did get to eat were.

Ive noticed that freshly planted rootstock often times doesnt have energy to push hard enough to establish before our challenging summer. This results in newly grafted trees dying in July/August for us. To counter this im now giving rootstock one year to establish in the ground before grafting or budding. Any new scions that I order in we end up grafting onto one of our larger established cherry trees to save until the rootstocks are better established.

I wonder…did your friend have trouble getting Cristobalina grafted to his existing trees also? Or just to Krymsk 5? I noticed this last year grafting to K5 that it does have some incompatibility issues. It didnt like sour cherry at all.

This is their new website address. The ‘old’ site has the certificate issue.

I’ve grafted many varieties of cherries onto K5, no problems except for Cristobalina. Haven’t tried sour cherries, though. For that I bought a Crimson Passion and grafted onto it. That’s an experiment so far, but the grafts are growing well.

My expert grafter friend tried the Cristobalina on established trees. Most of the grafts “took” but have grown only a little in 2-3 years. I also sent some scion from the original whip to Axel and he claimed no issues with grafting but he didn’t say anything about growth.

I had no luck with either second year potted rootstock or rootstock that had been in the ground for a number of years. I’m not an expert grafter of the caliber of my friend or Axel, but I have a pretty good success rate, even with finicky things. That’s why I think there might be an issue with compatibility–at least with K5.

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I just ordered, but I sent a check.

I placed my order right before I made the post and their current list is for spring 2016.
The cost for shipping to where I live in New England is an arm, a leg and your first unborn child. Glad I don’t have any children and don’t plan on having any. :smile:
Don’t know the shipping cost for Kali-forn-yah. Shipping was a couple more bucks then the total cost for the two trees.Oh ya and they currently only accept checks or money orders by
snail mail.

Shipping is a killer from many places…i think Bay Laurel has a min shipping of $25 or something… But i pay it because i want the trees!

I got Moniqui from BL this spring…that tree has put on a ton of new growth this summer… I’m very impressed.

I like the pictures on Arboreum…if they are accurate (i hope) they give you a very nice idea of what to expect. I wish more places would give accurate pictures of ripened fruit (exterior/interior)…

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Just visited there again today and found that they updated their peaches page with more of what they have in stock. I snagged myself a Pallas peach and hope they can combine the two orders for shipping sake! I’ll have to email them about it. Anyone here who has dealt with them before, can you tell me how well or not they respond to emails?


I emailed them with a question and got a quick, pleasant, informative response. I intuitively liked them.

I have bought a number trees from Arboreum. They respond, sometimes not as quickly as you might like, but they do respond. I just wish they had the trees I want. I would buy them in a minute. They have never let me down.

Which trees would you like them to have this year, Mrs. G?