This means the end of my overloaded cot tree

There are two varieties on this tree both they are grafted on nectarine
something too much of a good thing now appears

Oh, no!

I’m sorry to see that. This is happening to too many people. It is a painful lesson.

ouch, this hurts :frowning:. Thanks for sharing it. It will help people like me who is very hesitated to thin the fruits.

Oh dear! That is rather heartbreaking.

Ouch. And such gorgeous fruits.

Is it just the picture or is the branch a bit hollow in the top and middle right where it separates?

I’m sorry to see it, and you have my sympathies.

But I want to thank you for sharing your unhappy experience; it motivated me to go out and remove more fruit from my overloaded apple and it’s a good thing I did. It was really carrying too much, and your photo reminded me of the potential consequences.

thinned more peaches out last night, don’t want that happen to my peach tree . About 80% of the fruitlets are thinned out. I wish birds could do the job of thinning instead of after my berries :unamused: