Thorns on Apricot?

Just wondering if anyone knows why my apricot is growing thorns?

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I observed these on my apricot tree as well. I won’t call these thorns.

Based on earlier thread below, these may turn into fruiting spurs.

I’d call those spurs too. However mine are sharp and pointed at the ends. That’s why I called them thorns.

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I think its a evolutionary response to protect young trees that apricots and some plums i have seen and i do think they turn into fruiting spurs


I have had that on apricots and plums and they never turned into fruiting spurs. You can get them on shoots with really vigorous growth.


I always figured new sprouts or bud spots were underneath these? Have only seen it on a few young trees and it seemed to grow out

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I had them on my mirabelles (plums). They were thorns. In seven years they never turned into fruiting spurs.


It’s very common, especially on younger trees. I have seen fruits on some of these spurs, but not a lot.