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Let the berries ripen and get darker, they will sweeten right up!


June 6th 2018

Thrilled to share my very first blueberry harvest. Most of the berries in the bowl are South Moon + 2 Reveille.

The flavor of South Moon was amazing!!! Not just super sweet but also great flavor. Loved it!!! The 2 Reveille berries were just meh.

Waited until 2 ripe berries fell off the tree on June 3rd & 3 more fell off on 6th. Harvested the rest on June 6th.

I may have plucked a few that were not fully ripe but still
quite good. Southmoon is a keeper!


June 27 2018

Its raining apricots!!!
Amazing fruit set, Very sweet, Great flavor! Brix 15-18. This is after extensive thinning. Great results from espaliered apricots. Blenheim Apricot


Wonderful tree and harvest… how old is the tree?


Thank you :slight_smile: Its a bare root planted in spring 2016.


Beyond fabulous! So well done!!! I would give alot to have apricots like yours and Vinod’s!!!


For telling ripeness also look at the flower peddles which stay on. As the pomegranates ripens the closer they get to each other. Look at the photo Richard shared, that is about where they should be

look here Thread to track my BYOC project


Did the squirrels raid your Blenheim? I lost about a third of my cots to a squirrel or two who discovered my tree while I was away on vacation…


The nesting birds kept the squirrels at bay!


Fool. :slightly_smiling_face:




Sorry Ahmad, feel your pain :frowning:
These squirrels are like Velociraptors! They have been systematically checking the netting around my peaches and nectarines to find gaps. Then getting in and leaving half eaten fruits for me to find. They are not even scared and don’t run off when I get real close to them!


July 8 2018
Snow Queen Nectarine Harvest

Brix ranges from 11-16. About half the fruits with plenty of sugar spots tasted amazing - not just sweet but also a tiny hint of acid & great flavor. The other half was just meh.

The fruits go from ripe to rotten in 1 day! Lesson learned - thin thin and thin some more. Same with pruning!

Lost 10% of the nectarines to brown rot this year.


July 11 2018
Evas Pride Peach and Honey Kist Nectarine Harvest

Evas Pride was very juicy, lovely peachy fragrance, set tons of fruit but very low brix - only 6-9 very disappointed as it was like eating water :frowning: .

Honey Kist Nectarine on the other hand had very low fruit set but amazing flavor - 18-22 brix on the good ones!!! Everyone who tasted it loved it!


Hmm. Not my experience. Typically 12-13 and packed with flavor when grown in southern California.


Maybe they needed to be thinned more?


Yup, that was the consensus on another thread as well. Thin a lot more aggressively and thin early to get the brix up.


If you are not fertigating, then also check potash soil levels in August to insure sufficient quantity for the fall and winter. If you decide to add some (perhaps with Sul-Po-Mag) then don’t overdo it.


Thanks! Great Idea! I was going to try that and some of the tips in this article -


July 16 2018
Emerald Drop Pluot and Weeping Santa Rosa Plum Harvest

ED hit a high of 25 brix! Tasted amazing, everyone loved it :slight_smile:
WSR was not bad 10-11 brix.