Thread to track my BYOC project


In my opinion Beauty is the best of the Japanese plums.


Yet to taste Beauty, will look out for it @ the farmers market.


July 2018 Berry Harvest.

Anne & Polka Raspberries were good.
Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry was excellent, very sweet, hardly any seeds. Had a hint of bitter.
Mara Des Bois was outstanding, better than any strawberry desert! Also smells amazing.


Queen of the strawberries in my opinion.


More Berries -


Pluots, Pluerry, Peach

Indian Free Peach was very unique.
Candy Heart Pluerry was very sweet.
Flavor King and Grenade was just meh - will work on improving brix for next year.


Did you do enough thinning for the king and grenade? I wonder what else could have ruined the flavor…


Yes, definitely need to do more thinning for next year and planning to try out some tips here to improve brix -


That’s an interesting article.I’ve never taken a brix reading from the leaves.Brady


I have the same problem with my cherries. Squirrels, chipmunks, coons, and birds! They must be thinking I better get these before the human does.


Here are some pics and videos of harvest for the rest of 2018

Fuji apples were really good but I forgot to take pictures / videos
The berries from September/October were delicious
The Meyer lemons were super juicy!
Although the Washington Navel Oranges were plenty and juicy and great quality the brix was way too low :frowning:

For 2019, I am seriously going to focus on getting the Brix up on some of my fruits…