Tilamook/Carmine Goumi flowering

I planted a Tilamook Goumi from Whitman farms late last summer. Its doing great. Its flowered and leafed out over the last 2 weeks. Zone 6B

@Buckeye @Bigmike1116 @EliindaUP @Natdcfruit How are your Goumi doing this spring?


Mine survived winter and looks great, it will be a while yet before it fully awakens. 21 degrees this morning.


Deer seemed to ignore them for the most part but they did get tipped. doesn’t seem to matter much as the node spacing is super close. leafing out and flowering now.

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Just walked outside and snapped these photos
plant 1

plant 2



@Fishinjunky they look great! Leafing out and flower buds ready to open. We had a pretty mild winter. I’ve never tasted goumi so I’m looking forward to it. Red Gem is about the same level of progress; Sweet Scarlet is a little behind.


@EliindaUP they do seem pretty cold hardy

@Bigmike1116 looking good! Deer hasn’t bothered mine either fortunately

@Buckeye awesome! I’ve never tried goumi either i cant wait.

I think we’ll all be happy with our Goumi bushes. And they’re really ornamental also

This winter i may try rooting dormant cuttings of these Goumi varieties from www.Nuttrees.net these are all supposed to be large berried
Raintree Select
Wang bo


I can’t seem to find information on these varieties on the website. Could you provide the link?

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@Adamsmasherz i don’t think there is any info on them on the website. They’re in the scion for sale list at top left of page then in the pdf. Search Goumi


Thank you!

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I added 3 grafrs of Carmine goumi to my red gem & sweet scarlet last spring.

They all bloomed nicely (larger blossoms) and are setting fruit now.

The initial fruit set are noticeable larger/longer than rg or ss.


@TNHunter wow yours is loaded with blooms. :+1:

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@Fishinjunky … yes. Looking forward to trying a few of those.

When ripe… they are 3 times larger than rg ss.


I tried rooting 8 dormant cuttings and none of them took. I only tried because at the time I didn’t have any plants and all I could get a hold of was scion wood. thought I would give it a try, but everything I read said that rooting dormant goumi berries was difficult. I heard best method is rooting green wood cuttings but I have yet to try. also grafting.

Would love to see a side by side comparison of those cultivars. where did you see they are large fruited like tillamook/carmine? I’m on @JohannsGarden waitlist for Pippi.

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@Bigmike1116 im going to try using dip-n-grow rooting hormone an 50% coco 50%perlite in 4x9 treepots on heat mat tops wrapped in parafilm.

They are listed in the scion pdf list. Top left of this page then click the pdf. Scion list and search goumi. No descriptions though.

I found info on them searching this Eleagnaceae Facebook group

I did the same but only one graft of carmine because the plant I preordered from burnt ridge became out of stock for some reason but they had scion wood. It’s taking off nicely


my method was very similar. I did them like I do my figs. HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel, Pro-Mix HP BioFungicide + Mycorrhizae, 32-oz clear deli food storage containers, on a heat mat with parafim. some developed tiny leaves but none deveped any roots. if you have more luck than me, let me know.


I found my Tillamook at Portland Nursery in Oregon this year. It was a fair price and large plant. If you can find a quality local nursery near you that carries it, I think you would have a head start compared to mail order.

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I have 2 Tilamook growing in ground now that were purchased last year. pictures are above in the thread and in this one. before I got them I tried rooting 8 pieces of dormant scion wood because Burnt ridge cancelled my order at the time and all of them failed. everywhere I read said that rooting hardwood cuttings of Goumi is difficult so I shared my experience since @Fishinjunky is going to try rooting hardwood cuttings too.

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A lady who owns a local farm managed to make one of hers actually root and grow! So while hard, it is possible. She had never tried before.

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Im also going to try grafting some. I dug up some wild Autumn Olives to use as rootstock for grafting Goumi next season. I put them in 2 gallon pots and cut them down to 24inches. It was really easy to dig them up. Hopefully I got enough roots.
There are thousands growing invasively in the town where I live. Plenty of free rootstock lol

Varieties im grafting next season
Raintree Select
Wang Bo
Catherine’s Find