TIME LAPSE - TANGOS PEACH - Bud to Harvest - Z5b NY



Again, neat time lapse Mike. Looks like you are getting some really nice fruit.

I noticed the last pic shows the fruit ready for picking.

As an fyi, the last pic shows inking on the mature peaches. This is a common problem with TangOs. It’s exacerbated with rain close to harvest (as well as brown rot). It’s a cosmetic issue, but makes the fruit unmarketable for commercial growers.

It’s a difficult problem to control. Captan close to harvest makes it worse, as well as pH of spray water too high or low. Delegate or imidand insecticide, as well as Elite fungicide also make it worse.

Looks like you have the growing fruit part all figured out. Nice time lapses and great work!

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This year I will try to spray a mix of diluted Hydrogen Peroxide (12 TBS per gallon) once a week with each H2O2 spray followed the next day with a BAKING SODA spray ( 1 TBS per gallon).

This program worked really well on my tomatos, cukes, squashes.



So Mike, did you do the alternate H2O2 / Baking Soda sprays last summer?
If so, how did it work? What were you hoping to control with that?


No, I was not able to get on that spray schedule in 2019.

It was a very cold and wet spring and the apple feuit set especially was very poor.

Also, weekend weather refused to cooperate and as I only get up to the orchard on weekends (its a 130 mile trip) timing is crucial and did not work in 2019.

Like we used to say about the NY Mets… “wait till next year”


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I understand. Between rains and wind, it is really hard to find suitable days to spray. I didn’t realize your orchard was that far of a drive. That is quite a ways. You do amazing work for only getting up there on the weekends!
I will be looking for your future posts on this, if things work out this year and you are able to implement!

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