Time to Transfer/Plant Figlets?

I have the fig starts that I’ve kept from the big batch and am wondering if I can put them in the ground now. I think that all the recipients of my starts planted them in-ground soon after I gave them…against my advice, ha ha. They seem to be doing quite well. But that was two 2-3 months ago…cooler weather. They bake out on the deck most days and in the photo it is clear that some have a couple dried leaves from getting too dry one day. I could move them back inside for some later date but I’d like to put them in the ground. They range in size (mostly wimpier ones closer to the camera) and I won’t be planting them all…maybe four of the biggest and best, plus the big VdB on the end which has really suffered in its big pot of all dirt (before I knew better). We haven’t had temps over low 80s° here yet but eventually will some. We don’t hit 90° too often but sometimes get to 100° and it’s rare to get down to 20° here as well and very rare to see 10°. Except for the VdB the starts are from local finds. Any ideas?

Trans Fig s 6600


If you want to plant any of these in ground go ahead and do it now so these can get sometime to adjust before cold weather hit us. Also when you plant in ground please do not let soil dry out. Good Luck.

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