Tiny Peach Roostock

I ordered two peach rootstocks and pictured is what I received in the mail. I’m p*ssed! Is it even possible or worth a try to graft onto these tiny twigs? My scions are about pencil girth and these are about Qtip size… maybe even smaller. Ugh
If all is lost any suggestions or recommendations on places to order a couple roostocks are appreciated. From a quick google search most places are sold out. Thanks all

I saw some on e-bay, but not sure what size they were. Who sold you those?

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Grow them out and chip graft in 2 months if you can get another stick of that variety…

Different situation but last year I grafted onto good rootstock in March, chip grafted the failures in July on the new growth, and then grafted those failures’ new growth this April…and will probably chip graft those failures in July again.

That might say something about my grafting skills, but rootstocks are resilient (and peaches and nectarines are finicky)…

These were from eBay. Theyre the MP-29 variety that the seller has since removed the listing on. Clearly he did not have any left or I got the very last of whatever his stock was. It is not as pictured so I may try and get my money back.