To spray or not to spray?

I planted my mini orchard" lol "last year this will be my first spring,should I be spraying anything for sure or prophylacticly before they break dormancy ? (sp)zone 5b/6a.I have stella cherries, apples, plums and peaches.I have weeks before I have to make any purchases but I’ll take product links if you have them thank you ,Jerry

Copper would be a good choice in my opinion

thank you

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I’m far less of an expert than many here, but since you won’t be getting any fruit this first year, why spray at all? You could just see how things do without spray.


I agree with both Clark and Hollygates.

If you decide to spray, copper at a dormant or delayed dormant stage would be what I would do.

As you trees won’t produce this year, you may want to spend time observing what diseases and pests will bother your trees.

You have a combination of pomme fruit (apples, pears) and stone fruit (peaches, cherry and plums). They have somewhat different issues.

Read up recommendations from your local University extension services about diseases and pests of fruit trees in your local areas. It’ll be helpful to you down the road.

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I agree with Hollygates, if you don’t have any disease, why not wait.

When I first planted peach trees and grape vines, I didn’t have to spray anything for a few years because there were no disease.

I got some copper spray to try.I will wait till next year to spray for pest…thanks all,Jerry

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copper plus oil on the apple and peach. mix together and spray one time. A pretty safe easy spray that will kill a lot of insect eggs and disease and prevent future problems. Apples will tolerate more copper than peaches but too much copper is bad.

yeah…found out last year Japanese plums don’t like too much copper either. Apples never seem to care what you spray on them.

I’ve focused spraying copper on peaches for the past 4 years. If I have had the mix left, I spray apples. I have not noticed any negative effect on my peach trees. I do not mix with oil.

Just copper and Nufilm at dormant both in late fall and early spring before bud break.

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I agree no need to spray unless you have a need. The reason why I spray copper is because I know we have problems here and it’s best to be proactive at my site.

I went at my local coop today looking at fungicides. They sold bonide products. One was copper sulfate equivalent to beurdeaux. The other was copper octinolate or something like that. The first one was a powder and the other was available in RTU and liquid concentrate. They seemed to treat the same diseases. Which one is preferred?

What is your target pest?I’ve read that some people have tried Bonide Copper and it didn’t help against Peach Leaf Curl and I know that their Fung-onil doesn’t work in the amount on the label.
I’m using Liqui-cop this year and so far,there doesn’t appear to be any PLC. Brady

Don’t get the Bonide copper sulfate speed…that’s what I use (because it’s what I have) and it tends to clog when spraying. I’d say you’d be better off with the liquid. If they sold Kocide…I’d go with that. Normally (given this early summer) you’d have plenty of time to order online, but judging from my trees, you better get what you can and get it on very soon if you are planning to use it this year. Don’t spray with any green.


What’s good choice chemicals to spray Japanese plum, European plum, Pluot and Pluerry and when is the good time without effect fruits. Thank you for advice.

There are many different sprays for disease, fungus and insects .First you need to know what problem you are having. Also there are is spray information under the Category “Guides” you can read.


Thank you @danzeb Dennis. I never spray any chemicals to my trees so far. The problem is not clear to recognize, the last couple years my sweet treat half of the bottom leaves really dried out, not very good looking.

My Greengage has some tips leaf curl but not effecting the fruits.

My sugars twist all bottom leaves dried out as well.

And some branches of my Nadia seem like leaves eaten by some insects.

Maybe I am looking for something general easy spray 2 times a year on some trees problems described above. Thank you for all help informations.

I do not spray my new trees at all. If anything the following years I just let them be trees and get settled in the ground. Once they start producing some fruiting buds then I start spraying them. I think, probably wrong but it makes sense in my head, to let the new trees sort of get their own immunity built up. The more you spray them the more they get dependent on being sprayed to be healthy. I know it sounds sort of crazy but in my twisted mind it makes sense. Mileage my vary.

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