Too late for scion grafting?

What the heck indeed. Why in the heck doesn’t the “expert” who writes the books on growing apples tell us that? I mean, really! The so-called experts provide endless amounts of useless and frivolous information to fill pages, and very little of the practical knowledge needed for growing. Sheesh. Thank you for your information, @wdingus!

Hi Johnny, no, no cider varieties or cider making. And as far as rootstocks are concerned, I just have the one, a generic semidwarf for my frankentree. If I ever start making cider I certainly will want to ferment some of it out.

You’re not on the map because it’s voluntary. I think that it’s possible that a lot of our members were unaware of it, or had forgotten it (I had) but it’s there, and it’s eye-opening to see how many members we have that are just about anywhere you look. That being said, I don’t remember how to add a name. So go here: