Tracking Feijoa in the PNW

My 2 waingaros are very young. One was grafted last winter and is growing nicely. The other I bought and it hasn’t even put out a single new leaf!

My 2 year grafts of Larry’s variety also don’t have any flower buds. Neither does 6 year old seedling it is grafted to. The seedling is originally from Restoring Eden.
Any tips on encouraging feijoa flowers?

I haven’t seen anything to encourage Feijoa flowers. They flower about the same time in ground vs pots.
Growth helps. So lots of nitrogen — they are heavy feeders.


Got it, I’m going to add more nitrogen to all of my feijoa!

Good to know! Mostly just N, or should I balance things out a bit? I’ve got plenty of granulated urea, so I think I’ll start with that and some compost.

Urea works great for me.

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Mine just started this season’s growth maybe a week ago.

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I think mine have been nitrogen starved all along.

Looks like Oktoberfest will have lots of flowers this year after all, despite some stem dieback over the winter:

And the graft of Larry’s variety has two flowers after all!

The rootstock branches of my larger bush are the furthest along, though, look like they’ll flower weeks before any of the grafts:


…here’s hoping.

I’m noticing some flowers on the old bush, might bloom before 1 July. Newer Apollo no visible bloom buds.

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Smaller number of flower buds this year. I expect very few fruit.
But the trees in ground are taking off. Some are over 6 feet tall now and I expect they will produce better next year.

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My Nikita is loaded with flower buds for the first time. My larger Mammoth has many.


Do you find it necessary to do any hand pollination?

Yes, I have been hand pollinating. I suspect it helps

Probably, I haven’t had any useful fruit yet :slight_smile:




how old are these bushes that are starting to flower now? I have some in ground going on their 5th year and still nothing. I had one flower last year but it didnt happen until like september?

‘Apollo’ transplanted from a 1-gallon pot to in-ground took 5 years here to bloom lightly.

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My Kakariki, I think, planted this spring looks like it has a flower bud. The Nikita has been in the ground at least 10 years. It’s had a few blooms here and there but this is the first full one. Not enough fertilizer or water. Its underdeveloped.


My two bushes went in the ground in the fall of 2020, one was 5 gal and the other was 15 gal, but I’ve been grafting on those almost every year since then.

Last year were my first flowers on Oktoberfest and Cosmos, both grafted spring 2021, but neither produced any fruit last year. Cosmos only has a few flower buds this year, Oktoberfest has a lot more.

This year is the first with flowers on the rootstock branches of what was the 15 gal original bush. The 5 gal one has been completely grafted over, no rootstock branches remain.

Larry’s variety was first grafted spring 2022 and this is the first time any flower buds have appeared.

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Is it a seedling? if so, it should start flowering and fruiting soon. Grafted trees will fruit sooner.
Sometimes I see late flowers all the way into September but those will never develop. In our area, we need open flowers by early July or it’s too late.

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