Tracking Feijoa in the PNW

This is my third year growing Feijoa — one of my favorite fruits.
It is likely marginal in the Puget sound region — Portland and Willamette valley may be better suited.

I am creating this topic to track how Feijoa varieties do on the PNW.

Please post your variety and photos below.

My first blooms of the season. In ground Kaiteri. No special microclimate.


So far no flowers on my bushes, maybe next year! I have two generic feijoas from Wanderlust Nursery (possibly seedlings but he wasn’t sure when I asked because he had bought them wholesale), and so far I have grafted onto those bushes both of @Marta’s cultivars (“Cosmos” and “Oktoberfest”), as well as @LarryGene’s. The bushes have been in the ground since fall 2020, Marta’s varieties were grafted spring 2021 and Larry’s this spring.


I have > 1,000 flower buds on a 30-year-old ‘unknown’ bush. As of yesterday, 3 were open and bearing pollen. This is about 2 weeks late from most recent 5-year average bloom date.

4th-year in-ground ‘Apollo’ has 6 bloom buds, 2 are showing color, not open.

The ramv blooms above are day 1 fully open; petals are still curled up and the stamens are not yet exposing pollen.


I hope they stay viable until some of the others start opening!
I must have a few hundred buds overall among my 10 bushes planted as a hedge. But I imagine many will not make it to ripe fruit this year.

Finally,they are starting to open.

This is Nikita.

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Its ahead of mine.

Seattle is 16 days behind 2021 and 19 days behind 2020 GDD 50 accumulation till today.
We are even 7 days behind 30 year average.

I suspect Portland area is similar.

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‘Apollo’ here has just started to open one pair.
Recent weather and 7-day forecast are ideal.

The unknown and perhaps seedling bush in another yard in my neighborhood still hasn’t opened up, but they seem to be getting close:

They said it ripens in most (but not all) years, but they don’t keep track of flowering times.

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This year seattle is 3 weeks behind a good year such as 2020. My persimmons are still in flower and no fruit!
I have over a hundred blooms on Feijoa but only 10 or so will maybe make fruit.

Flowers in various stages


Many in bloom.
Arhart, Takaka and Nikita


My large bush is rapidly approaching 1,000 open blooms.


The seedling at my old place was in bloom last weekend. The first 2 blooms are about to open on my Nikita here. One of its clusters has 6 or 7 flower buds out of a total of maybe 30.

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Most of my Feijoa are either done flowering or in full bloom

Here are a couple in pots. They look beautiful in bloom




Picture taken 9 July 2022. About 1/2 full bloom; many buds still closed.
The gutter is 9 feet above ground. Some branches 4 feet above gutter. I paced from the dripline on one side of the house to the far dripline, distance was 27 feet. The trunk is at a corner of the house.


Beautiful large tree!
Around half my blooms aren’t open either but many will open in a week. Can I expect the late bloomers to ripen in time?

I don’t know; I will be pinching off anything that blooms after late July, and will probably thin individual pistils post-bloom to one or two per bunch. But then I have the luxury of doing this due to sheer numbers.

This year I have what look like pollinated blossoms on 8 varieties. Now keeping fingers crossed.

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My first few blooms on the Nikita are open: