Tractor Supply has North Star cherry trees

I have been sad ever since we lost our North Star. Couldn’t find any last year. I even stopped by TY TY driving through Georgia, but their gate was closed.

A bit of searching on line this morning and it showed two Tractor supply stores had them near by, $39.99 ea. I was impressed.

I bought 3 of them and they have nice branch structure. I’d guess 1 inch trunk and about 4-5 feet tall. Some blooms are showing as well.

My lucky day…


I had high hopes Tractor Supply would be carrying Bushel &Berry brand fruit shrubs. But they had another brand about $2 more expensive.

I would like a number of their “Hedgible” berries and some of their colorful foliage bushes.

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Glad you found them there. Sometimes you can get lucky with what they have for sale. Lucky day!!

First time I’d been there in the springtime this year. I was pretty impressed with the selection. The one near me had some North Star cherry trees as well, they actually looked really nice. Mine had bushel and berry and degroot small bagged root starts at 10.99/8.99 which was decent priced. Picked up a couple jelly bean blueberries and an Austin dewberry. They also had some potted gallon legacy blueberries that were huge for like $16 I think. I may go back for one.

I was impressed with the variety they had to offer, best around me for sure—even more than our small nurseries carry.


Their assortments have improved over the years. Looks like I will have to order in Pink Icing, Silver Dollar , Peach Sherbet and Berry Bux Blueberries.