Trader mulberry


got a Trader mulberry coming in the spring. heard its one of the hardiest mulberries but haven’t found a lot of info. online. anyone grow it or have info. on it? planting it near my new Northrop mulberry. hopefully they will help each other with pollination.


I’ve got two. Both were planted in September of '15. I’ve had a few fruits on them the last two years. Both experienced some tip dieback the last two winters, but they both grew well this summer. They seem to be hardy enough to at least survive here. I can’t say whether they’ll ever thrive as of yet.


My two have made it through two winters in good shape. Healthy. They are mostly well buried now thanks to yesterday’s 24" snowfall so I expect them to get through this winter as well. Sue


thats good to know. my Northrop put out a few berries already and i planted it last spring but its a 5ft. tree already. where did you folks buy yours?


As far as I know the only place to get Traders is from Jim Walla in Fargo, ND. I drove over there and picked two up back in '15


thats where mines coming from. was just curious if they were sold anywhere else. i was supposed to get it last spring but a strange disease damaged all of his stock. he said they will be ready in 2020.


Where did you get your Northrup mulberry?


Cricket hill nursery out of CT. I’ve bought several trees from them and they are good sized for the money.


Cool keep us updated. Always interested in Mulberries.