Training Apple Tree with plastic spreaders

I didn’t find the appropriate thread to tack these pictures onto, its probably out there, so I created this one.

I’ve seen some new types of branch spreaders since I last bought some 20 years ago, so I decided to pick some and give them a try.

This tree has good crotch angles already, probably from clothes pins when the limbs were green, but wants to turn sharply upward and be a narrow tree. These show some improvement and were very easy to install:


I should probably head back the longer scaffolds. I think I was waiting to see what would bloom and set before pruning. I’m more interested in trying a few apples ASAP than getting to full production as quickly as possible.


Also, what a beautifully kept orchard!

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You are kind.

I like the plastic spreaders. In interesting shape. I have some red spreaders I bough from Stark Bros a few years back that I starting using. I have posted a few pictures of the shape of the ones I have. They come in different lengths to use.
I agree, nice looking orchard. I need to mulch my trees like that ( I’ve said that since 2013- and they still are not mulched yet).