Tri-Lite Peach-Plum

anyone can comment me something of the flavor of Tri-Lite Peach-Plum?it flavor good? have flavor of plum?

I’m going to have a couple of peachplums this year.


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it would be interesting to you tells us if it tastes good, I asked several people for the taste but not yet had their trees fruit

I’ve had a tri-lite tree for about 4 years. Everyone here that has tried them really likes them. They are fuzzy like a peach and about the size of a plum. They taste like a white fleshed peach with a noticeable plum flavored finish.


What is wrong with you people?!? are you trying to make me go broke?? Lol

I just ordered one from Raintree… 1 more 15 gallon potted tree. Slowly losing garage space!!!


I just called but no more to order until next year, I love to hear if Tri- Lite peach does well in Pacific Northwest, any of you try yet? Thank you.

Pssss…DWN 2017 Highlights might be released next week. Just saying.

Mine has maybe a dozen flowers… Should bloom any minute now… I hope to try a few fruit this year.

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How long have you planted it, and in PNW area?

Tri lite peach is available to order from Raintree again now.

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I’m in Wisconsin. I potted it up last spring.

I counted 13 blooms on mine. Very pretty/showy blossoms.

Thank you so much Rob, one thing I wonder does Tri lite peach has peach leaf curl problem at all?

When you have time can you post Tri lite whole tree picture Ulises Benitez, so we know how its growing habit so easy to prepare the room to plant it. Thank you so much for doing that please. and how long ago did you plant your Tri lite peach?

I did cover it with a copper spray a few weeks back. It really wasn’t exposed to much rain, but no i haven’t seen any pLC problem on it, nor have i on anything.

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PLC really sensitive on Pacific Northwest areas but let’s find out next year. Thank you all.


Looking very good , potting? You taking care very good thank you.

Raintree just let me know Tri Lite Peach Plum and Spice Zee Nectaplum both still have Peach leaf curl problem if plant them in Pacific Northwest or Puget Sound areas, plus their production are not very good ( poor fruit setting )
And Tri lite peach still not available for ordering yet. Thank you so much for answering me it’s save me a lot of time.

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Yes, it’s potted.

I just want to let you know that I’m the same weatherman on houzz, however, I wont be able to reply to the comments because Houzz wont let me re-set my password.

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