Tropical Plumana

Got these at Wegmans. They taste delicious! Really incredible.

Super luscious and melt-in-your-mouth juicy. Flavor of plum and other tropicals (pineapple or fruit punch).

Did some sleuthing and discovered these are called “Tropical Plumana.” Seems to be some confusion as to whether it is a plumcot or a pluot. Trademark has been applied for.

Does anyone know anything else about this variety? Is tree stock available for purchase anywhere? This one truly tastes great and is worth keeping an eye on. Maybe someday, a patent will expire? Wish I could find out more about this one…

Those look delicious,Matt.
Family Tree Farms grows quite a few Plumcots(Pluots).Here is one of theirs that I’ve only seen at one store in the Seattle area.The Plumogranate.Very rich and sweet.This particular variety is not for sale to grow. Brady
Here is a link to their website:

Both fruits here look beautiful. I looked on their site, the ‘Supernova’ looks to die for. No trees for sale though.

I’m thinking (well, its reserved) of trying Spice Zee Nectaplum here. Without a greenhouse it may be as close to these exotics as I get at home.

There’s a related article in latest issue GFG magazine. It says FTF has a research center near where I used to grow fruit in CA that tests the best new fruits from the 28 best fruit breeding programs in the world. So not just Zaiger’s material but many others. I’d love to work there for a yr or two just to see what they have.

But guys I’ve tried more of these new fruits than most and here’s my take. Once you have the best of what we can get the new stuff probably isn’t much if any better. It’s not that there won’t be advances but the advances may not be that much. Zaiger still hasn’t produced any pluots, I’ve tried about 30, better than two of the first, Flavor Supreme and Flavor King.