Trouble with plum trees

I have clear amber goo in one spot on tree. Also have amber goo that isn’t clear on the other plum tree.

I had that, and noticed it too late. It was from borers. You can spray for them. I cut out dead wood first, then sprayed entire tree with Capt. Jack’s Dead Bug spray. Later found out I should have been spraying as preventative, rather than just when problem was discovered. So far I lost one tree that was a heavy producer for 10 years, and another tree I may have saved although no fruit this year.

Does the label say how often to use on fruit trees? Is it too late in the season to start spraying?

I was told to spray when dormant and then right before flowering. As I said I was too late for one tree, upon close examination of bark there were lots of little pin holes and occasionally I’d have the amber blobs coming from the pin holes.

Please let us know where you are in zone 8, at least the state and/or county. If you can post pictures, that would be even better. For new member, you can post one pic each time you post.

What variety of plum you are growing. The more you let us know, the easier for us to help you figure it out. Goo on stone fruit can be caused by several things.

We are (1) mile east of the Denton/Wise County line off FM 407. South East corner of Denton County Texas.

Should be Southwest corner. We vary between 7b and 8a.

Morris Plum.

This is from Texas A&M.

I saw another post with one of the same photos,by Russ Allen.Is that your husband?

Some of that goo looks like it could be bacterial canker. Plums are often susceptible. There are several treatments, e.g. cutting out the damaged wood or hitting with a propane torch. It can kill the tree if it manages to spread far enough.

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The goo is from the American Plum Tree Borer.
You have to dig them out of the tree just as you do
peach tree borers. Sometimes the damage is so bad you have cover it with Spectracide sealant, in order to save the tree. Your tree could also use a good pruning.
Find out when the mating activity of the borer moth is greatest in your area, and spray the base of the tree and ground with a good insecticide. Let it soak
in good. Your local extension agent can give you this info.

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