True Morus Nigra Mulberry

I finally had time to edit my video on my Morus Nigra Mulberry I hope it will be helpful for others who want to know more about the similarities of differences.
July 22, 2019
Dwarf Black Beauty Mulberry is exactly the same as Dwarf Persian. I think the name was created as the dwarf cultivar of the standard Persian variety. Yet, it makes it all so confusing. Lucky the size of the mulberry is not as small as others who grown it has mentioned.

Dwarf Persian Mulberry
There is a standard and this dwarf has a bush style growth habit
best when picked when black (less tart and sweeter)
if picked dark red will be tart-sweet
cold-hardy to zone 7

August 8, 2019
Updated review of Dwarf Persian and Dwarf Black Beauty Mulberry
When it turns black is the best time to pick. Excellent for juicing compared to other mulberry cultivars. It has a wine flavor to it compared to Morus Alba types of mulberries.