Update on Cumberland Valley Nursery (CVN)

As many of you know, CVN (aka fruittreefarm) no longer has a retail website. Actually, they have no website at all, now. However, they do still take retail orders. I was there yesterday to pick up a few trees. All of their trees have been dug, but nothing has shipped yet. So you still have time to place orders. You’ll need to call the main office to place an order - 931-668-4153. They mostly grow a wide variety of peach trees, but also have some apple, pear, nectarine, ect. You are unlikely to find fruit trees at a lower price. And the quality as always been excellent. Of the two cherry trees I picked up, one was just over 6’ tall, and the other just under 6’. I have NO affiliation with CVN, but am a big advocate because of the super low prices and good quality of plants. I can’t speak much of the shipping costs as I’ve always picked mine up directly from CVN. They had an absolutely massive number of trees in the storage “barn” yesterday.

You can call the main office, but I also have an inventory list I can check if anyone wants to know if they carry a specific variety.


My order from CVN ships next month!


Matt scanned in the catalog, its in our nurseries list reference –



When I click on the link, no file is opened; when I try “save as”, it saves a file with zero bytes. Is this happens only to me? I use Firefox on a Mac laptop. When trying Chrome, it says: “This growingfruit.org page can’t be found”.

Looks like it’s a dead link.

Rats, it looks like its another link that got messed up last weekend. GRR.

Here is a fixed one, I also fixed the nurseries list.


Thanks, Scott! That’s the first time I’ve visited the nursery list page. An incredible list with great descriptions. Thanks for putting it together!

Here’s a direct link to the nursery list page for those, like me, who may have overlooked it under the “Reference” category: http://www.growingfruit.org/t/nurseries-list/7060


CVN is the only place that I know of that sells all of the very high chill and supposedly all very winter bud hardy NCSU series of peaches. Thanks for that info!

I really like it that Cumberland Valley now appears to have a marketing agreement with Rutgers. In the past, Adams County pretty much had a monopoly on the newer Rutgers releases.

I’ve ordered trees a couple times from Cumberland (i.e. Fruit Tree Farm) and was disappointed they shut down their retail website. There trees were small (which I didn’t mind) and very inexpensive.

This year I ordered a few trees from Vaughn’s Nursery for the first time. They have cheap trees too, but don’t offer any of the Rutgers releases.

I bought from Vaughn. Their trees are small, too, esp. when I compared them to Cummins’ trees. The Vaughn trees I received were even smaller than Burntridge’ trees :grinning:

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You can’t beat 8 bucks for uncommon peach varieties. After all, peaches grow fast anyway.

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@mamuang Do you know if Vaughn Nurseries have a minimum order? I see Cumberland has a $100 minimum order that would be fine for a Stark, Cummins, ect but for their low cost trees. I don’t need 10+ peaches.

No minimum. I believe I bought 3-4 trees. I think I placed an order by phone.

CVN has no minimum order requirement, regardless of what their inventory list says.

Since you are on the colder zone, too, I want to mention that Vaughn and other southern nurseries send their trees out early.

I asked for an April shipment. They said their last shipment was in March. I had to kept the trees in a unheated basement for a month before planting.

Thanks! Glad to hear they both are accomodating to backyard folks.

Shipping in March could be an issue. Was it early March or mid-March? It is pushing it for the ground to be wet and maybe frozen but given the warmth this winter it is equally likely I could plant them or heel them in at that time.

I did not note down the exact date but I think they arrived during the first two weeks of March.

I am a wimp. I don’t like going out digging frozen ground through snow in March :grin:

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I ordered a couple peaches from Vaughn back in 2012 ($28.25, including shipping). They arrived on Feb 17th and I planted them on the 20th. That’s where I got my Carolina Gold. It grew just as fast as the much larger one from ACN and a bit better from the large one from Cummins.

I think it depends on the week. Most of this winter would have been fine- I think there were only a handful of days where the ground was frozen. This winter, I’ve planned for several trees- pre-digging the holes (then re-filling) and spreading leaves over them, so as long as it isn’t bitterly cold, I can plant whenever. And if it is bitterly cold, I don’t want to be outside anyway. :slight_smile:

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I think it is probably your location that determines when CVN ships. I live in Texas and received my order last week. Three peaches and one plum. Late planted trees don’t do well here because of hot dry winds in late spring so roots getting established now is ideal. If you can plant now you might request early shipment.

Thanks everyone. I have the day off after some dental work and had a spare moment to call Vaughn Nurseries.

They put an order in for me with 3 Challenger, 1 Intrepid, and 2 Carolina Gold that I’m splitting with my dad. Shipping is about March 1, which probably should be OK. I will heel them in if need be.

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