Upper Southeast - KY, TN, WV, OH Valley etc

They are one of the earliest apples at the local orchard here - usually beginning of August.

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Are you talking about Reed Valley in Paris? That’s the one I was referring to. And actually you’re right, I checked their website, they say GG ripens in mid August, not September like I had said.

No, further west, Mulberry Orchard in Shelbyville. Never been to Reed Valley but have heard nice things from friends that live out that way.

Ok. They actually retired a couple years ago, and passed the operations over to a younger family. I last visited there a couple years ago. It’s a massive orchard, they grow mostly apples and pears, but also various cane berries, cherries and peaches, along with some veggies.


Thank you. That’s reassuring to know it’s that early.

I have a few apples on a small Ginger Gold tree fruiting for the first time this year. As long as a varmint doesn’t get them I’ll advise when they get ripe. Probably will be a bit earlier for you, I’m at ~1700 ft elevation in northeast TN.

ginger gold is the 1st fresh apples to come out in the grocery stores here. bag says they’re out of n.y. i see them in late aug. / early. sept. my yellow transparent ripens in mid aug. i might graft ginger gold to my Williams pride. they ripen at the same times. would be cool to see red and yellow apples on the same tree.

There is a house about 5 miles away from me that has an apple tree that had yellow and red apples on it last year. I have lived here for years and last year was the first year it had them. I am anxious to see if it does that again this year. It was neat to see it like that.

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@OldKYHomestead …I have a early mcintosh (cross of mc and yellow transparent) that starts ripening around June 22 and normally finishes about July 22.

That is in southern middle TN.

Those were picked on June 22.


Very pretty apples.


Following up on pests this year. While I would love to take credit for low pest pressure through trying to attract lots of predators (successful), last year my trees were getting defoliated by tons of Japanese beetles; this year I’ve had a few clusters hit my plum trees and one eggplant they were obsessed with out of about thirty (made it very easy to knock them into a soapy water bucket), but overall there just haven’t been that many. The birds buffet off of the garden/orchards regularly, but last year it wasn’t near enough to keep the beetles from doing damage. I was going to spray Surround on the trees that are usually targeted, but I haven’t had to bother. I’ve crushed one cucumber beetle. Haven’t seen a brown marmorated stink bug. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m not upset about it, either.

What is everyone else seeing?

Pictured: Solitary Japanese Beetle, looking for love in a lonely world.

My 50+ apple trees in SE Ohio have been stripped by JB and the intense heat. I think I’ll loose several.


Japanese beetle pressure seems less here in middle TN as well, but they usually peek in late July here so it may just be too early. I sure miss being able to stop by walmart and pick up some REAL sevin (carbaryl)- man that stuff was incredible on Jap Beetles. I know I can still order it somewhere but its a hassle and expensive. The new formula isn’t as effective for me, though I’ve seen others here saying it works almost as well for them.


I spread milky spores last year and so far the number of japanese beetles seems slightly less. Hopefully by the 2nd or 3rd year it will have made more of a difference.


@ansayre that’s really frustrating. The early high heat caused a bunch of my trees to stop putting on growth until just these last weeks where we’re getting good rain and some cloud cover. Hopefully yours will bounce back.

@thecityman hopefully they stay away. My notes from last year show there were masses here at this time driving me crazy

@wdingus I keep saying I’ll do that, but it always gets pushed to the back burner

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So sorry to hear that. JB can do a lot of damage in a very short time. My neighbor had two long rows of grape plants and a few years ago the JB stripped the leaves of every vine he had.

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