Using native seedlings as rootstock question

My local Soil and Water Conservation sells native black cherry seedlings, is it a good idea to this for rootstock?

There’s a lot of black cherry wild in my area, almost always has canker and gummosis. I’d be hesitant…


Thanks for that information, amapersand.

What about grafting on Carmine Jewel as the rootstock? Would that work? I have plenty of these on my property.

FarmGirl, I assume it’s prunus serotina, wild black cherry? Then no, they won’t work as a rootstock for tart (or sweet) cherries. They aren’t compatible. There are various threads on the site on cherry rootstocks and recommendations. Don’t know if anyone has grafted to Carmines but seems possible for tart cherries. My grafted cherries (tart) have all been on Mazzard… Sue

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Thanks @Sue-MiUPz3, I’ll do a topic search. :slight_smile: