Vacuum sealing Asian persimmon to remove astringency

I know we’ve kind of beaten this subject to a pulp (persimmon pulp) but here in the cool NW corner, I still have not-ripe Saijo that are hanging on tree. After trying bag-ripening with banana/apple, Hoshigaki, CO2 from Sodastream, and vacuum sealing in bags, I think this is finally(!) my very best solution - sealing in vacuum containers:
4 days and no astringency. Better than vacuum bags because no squishing. In a cool place can store for a long time. I like the sliceable consistency. These containers are easily found at thrift store for about $4. Their original purpose may not have been good, but for this use they are great!


What is the liquid there, just water? Or it is nothing, just looks like liquid?

I definately would love to hear more about the process!

No liquid just looks like it.

Clean, easy, I like that.

Can you show a wider view of the container. Does it have a vacuum port for Foodsaver tube? I’m not sure if big persimmons would fit.

I did store bought “Hachiya” again, big ones. After 48 hours they were still pretty firm and no astringency. Again, the bag slackened. I’m pretty sure its from outgassing and not a leak:


On a thrift store search I found three different size vacuum containers:
The one on right is 5" wide, 6" tall and would hold 2-3 hachiyas.
Each one has a vacuum inlet port where hose from sealer is inserted.
The top configurations on each are each a bit different- but each worked with Food Saver machine inlet hose. The ones that are not Food Saver brands need to be set at ‘marinate with all other models’ to accept the vacuum.
In the end, I prefer this container method to the bags. No crushing. Hard persimmons can be stored in a container in a cool spot for weeks. Good for the home grower!

Yeah, the one on the right looks pretty good. We are out of storage space though :frowning:

I just pile my persimmon fruits on a plate with one or two apples in the middle. They are a little dry when fully soft. Those are the sweetest fruits I’ve had this season.

I even keep my non-astringent persimmon this way. But it takes longer for them to get soft. I do not like the hard taste of the non-astringent persimmon.