Vashion Violette fig

Today I sampled the last fruit on a Vashion Violette fig from Burnt Ridge nursery. It was at peak ripeness, soft but still holding form. I don’t believe it was caprified. Exterior color: violet as advertised with brown mixed in due to maturity. Interior: golden brown. As one might expect with that color, the taste is immediately caramel with a sweet aftertaste.


Vashon Violet is the same as Brunswick/Magnolia. Very good fig for PNW and other areas.

Here is Condit’s description (Fig varieties, 1955) of Brunswick fruit:

Second-crop figs medium, oblique-turbinate; average weight 42 grams; neck absent, stalk thick, up to 1/4 inch long, often prominently swollen, ribs inconspicuous, commonly colored more deeply than body, eye
medium, open, scales violet-brown, white flecks numerous and conspicuous, irregular
in size and shape, skin checking at maturity, color bronze, pulp amber, tinged with strawberry, hollow at center, seeds small, or rudimentary, the fruits therefore
commonly referred to as “seedless”, flavor sweet, fairly rich. Quality good fresh;, excellent for preserving, inferior for drying.
Caprified figs strikingly different from uncaprified ones, larger in size, average
weight 67 grams, color bronze, shaded with violet, especially on ribs, pulp deep
strawberry, solid; seeds numerous, flavor sweet and rich.

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