Von Blackberry

I planted some Von blackberries last spring so this my first experience with them fruiting, or rather a lack of fruiting. It appears that 90% or so of the flowers failed to fruit, or only partially fruited. The other 3 varieties planted (Osage, Ouachita, and Natchez) are fruiting as expected.

I’ll insert a picture below with the hope that someone can explain what is going on with the Von plants. Was it a pollination issue or something else?


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Any luck with them this year?

I planted a couple von two year ago they fruited well for me this summer. Good taste


Yes, this season was very good for Von as well as the other varieties. It was clear that Von fruits later than the others and has a more extended fruiting period.

I don’t know if this will be true every season, but the best tasting berries this summer were off of Von. Not that Von was better overall, but when fully ripe I was often surprised how good they were.


Good to hear, thanks!

In my shipment of Ponca from Ison’s I also received 2 Von blackberries. They are about 1 week behind the Poncas in breaking dormancy indoors.

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