Waldorf Salad, vegetable or nut dishes


Many of us love fruit which is why we grow it. There is little better than a Waldorf Salad though many cheese & wine lovers just raised an eyebrow on my choice of indulgence. Anything home grown ranging from fruits to honey and definately dairy products , meat, vegetables, ciders, and wine are much better! We all have our own way of making favorites such as Waldorf Salad and I wanted to post some pictures showing you how my mother always made it and I would like your input on how you make yours. Don’t hold back if you use celery , carrots, or coconut I would love to hear your recipes. I have no measurements because I never was raised to use recipes for common dishes. For those of you familiar with this dish you know why I put the lemon and mandarin oranges in there. Share your favorite dishes and recipes!


Looks yummy.


My grannie always made Waldorf for holiday meals, don’t know the recipe though. She is almost 91 and can’t remember that type of stuff anymore. It sure was good though.