Watermelon & Melon growing 2020


Did you plant sugar baby before?
Sugar baby is good for seeds if you love watermelon seeds. They are very tiny, but a lot.


:rofl: No, I have not planted Sugar Baby before. I don’t mind a lot of seeds, really, as long as the melon is sweet and juicy. I see I have some Blacktail watermelon planted too. Is that any better than the Sugar Baby?

And I also tried planting the (6) Lemon Drop watermelon seeds I got from rareseeds.com (for $6.00), but only four sprouted and none survived the transfer from indoors to outdoors. :frowning_face:


First melons of the season! I believe these are Ambrosia
The weird slice on the first one is due to a blemish that I cut off to check for damage


@Stephen03, enjoyed your pics last year and ordered some varieties based on your pics. Nice pics of your starbrites, those look great. Did you plant summerflavor 720 again? How would you compare the two in production and taste along with any others you are growing


OMG, I’ve been inadvertently raising pillbugs all this while in my compost bin thinking they are harmless! I have a ton of them. Dumping some Sluggo now!


Lots of great pics above!

Dang, @Stephen03, that whole crop looks great. How many did y’all harvest?

I got started about a week later than last year, due to a sudden cold spell in early May. Even so, fruit have begun to set.

I’ve got Moon & Stars, Jubilee, Gold Strike (orange-fleshed), Black Diamond, and Big Stripe planted. My few remaining Raspa seeds from last year were plucked up and eaten by squirrels or birds! Therefore, I replaced them with Moon & Stars. Next year, I’ll put on row cover as soon as I plant the seeds.

With the heat we’ve had lately, the black plastic to keep the soil hot and ward off competitive weeds, and the near-daily drip irrigation, the vines have gone nuts. Lots and lots of flowers, and today I saw quite a few melons beginning to grow. I’m looking forward to early August to start eating some.

On a related note, I’ve bought three seedless melons from the store (no seeded varieties available, alas), and they were really good. It seems the breeders are coming up with some good varieties.


I planted the 720 again it is the big jubilee looking melon from my pictures. It is hands down My favorite watermelon all varieties. It is as sweet as a watermelon can get and has good flavor. The starbrite will produce more melons than any variety I have ever planted 2:1. It is good melon and gets sweet. I grew a variety called Estrella this year. It is real sweet but has thin rind and lots of small seeds so probably want grow again.


Man I have been busy. I have harvested over 600.
I grew the starbrite,720, and estrella. I have some of the big stripe I planted late. I can’t wait to try them and see how they compare.


What is your location off Hwy 98.
Do you have any 720’s and starbrites left.


98 in Foxworth. I have both still.


Can you ship a few to northern VA? flat-rate priority mail? :grinning:

Talking about the decline of America, the grocery store near me only has little 8-lb seedless melons–at $6 each! I can’t get a harvest here till early August no matter what, so I’m stuck with store-bought till then.

You south MS boys got it made for melons. I’ve been trying to get my buddy in Laurel to grow them, but he resists.


Sounds good, much appreciated. I will add starbrite to the ones I try next year. I planted summerflavor 720 and big stripe this year too, anxiously awaiting to compare the two to crimson sweet and jade star.


Never tried jade star but I have crimson sweet. The 720 will be way sweeter than a crimson.


I like that report, can’t wait to try them. Jade star was a little sweeter than crimson sweet last year but not quite as many melons produced.


I purchased a seedless watermelon yesterday at costco that is the worst textured watermelon I’ve ever tried to eat. It has texture like a piece of styrofoam. Flavor and sweetness are both poor as well. The bad thing is that it passes all of my external tests for a ripe melon. It has a lumpy/bumpy feel, nice size ground spot, and thumps deep bass like it should. This is genetic and probably represents some breeding effort that went haywire.


No better time than today to cut one open. This one was 41lbs. It may be best watermelon I have ever ate.


Blacktail Mountain has better flavor than Sugar Baby, in my opinion. I grow both as they are always reliable.


I would like to second that opinion. Blacktail Mountain is definitely better.


What kind of melon is it, a Georgia Rattlesnake?:thinking:


Right now my watermelons are the size of a quarter. I planted blacktail mountain watermelon this year.