Way to "follow" a member?

Hi, is there a way to follow a member? In other words I would like to see or get notifications when they specifically make posts or replies.

The reason for this is because I have found that some more experienced orchardists follow certain ideologies that I wish to practice.


There’s not any way that I’m aware of. The best I could suggest is to follow their activity. Click on their icon. Then click on the bigger icon that brings up. Now click on their activity.


Just to clarify, you are saying I have to do it manually correct? Is there a way to save certain people as “favorites”?

You see how if I want to see if certain people have posted I believe you’re telling me I have to first see one of their posts which kind of defeats what I’m trying to do.

A way to at least “favorite” certain members would be great because then I would be able to go into my list of favorites and see what they have been posting.

If I may request that feature I have it on other forums and it is quite helpful.



Your request is noted. And it’s a good one. Right now neither is possible. I’ll see if it can be set up. @scottfsmith


It looks like there is a way to add this feature as of a few months ago. But I didn’t add it here. I will see if I can add it the next time I update the site.

Meanwhile if you PM yourself with the @names of all the people you want to follow you can go to that message, click on the @ and get their card , click the card to get their profile, and then click on activity to see recent posts.


Thank you!

I love this forum. In a world where we can’t do much without advertising and subscriptions being pushed on us this forum is a beautiful respite along with the garden!