We have a new weapon in the war against gophers. GOPHER HEAVEN

Hubby met this guy buying parts for a car, and ended up getting one of his units too. I thought others here might be interested.

You can tell him George from Skull Valley referred you.

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Boy, $500 would cover a lot of trap and poison cost. Half that cost and I’d be pretty interested.

I wouldnt buy it. His false claims that carbon monoxide is heavier than air are blatantly false. Its suffocating the gophers with CO2, which is carbon dioxide, which is heavier than air.

Straight from a quick google search:

Despite the common belief that carbon monoxide is heavier than air, the truth of the matter is that it is actually just slightly lighter than air . To be more specific, the air around you typically has an average molar mass of 28.8. Carbon monoxide has a molar mass of 28.0, making it just barely lighter than air.

Hubby recently spent a bundle on traps too…but they can and do get lost…they get smart to traps…and a trap is a one at a time deal. We have caught 4 to 5 gophers out of a hole before… …and we have acres of holes.

Yes, it’s a bit pricey…but our son years ago trapped over 400 gophers on a property close to us…and more are ALWAYS moving in.
This is a lot less hassle then checking and resetting traps.
Someone with fewer acres…or fewer gophers probably wouldn’t think it was worth it. We have hundreds of the ground rats per acre.


It kills them. That part of his claim is true.
We have had them come up to the hole entrance and found them dead under the unit in minutes.

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Oh im sure it does. However, his sales flyer is false, and doesnt look good to potential customers. If he cant even get the correct information on his flyer, then how can i trust that it is a quality product that does what it says it does.

Not trying to nit pick, but there is a lot of misinformation going around about CO and CO2, which are different, and CO is lighter than air, and CO2 is heavier. Ive been in a lot of houses in my career that have CO detectors 2 feet or less from the floor. By the time it goes off, people are sick or worse.


I agree with you. If I had that many of the little buggers $500 wouldn’t be that hard to swallow. I have plenty, but not hundreds.

Are you dealing with pocket gophers or some other kind of gopher?

We lost our very well trained border collie from eating gopher bait at our neighbor’s place. We had a long time arrangement grazing his fields…but he failed to inform us he had been poisoning the gophers.

A working dog like her would cost thousands to replace. It all depends on how you look at costs vs risks. Replacing trees gets expensive too. …thankfully they don’t die gasping in the next room while you are trying to celebrate your son’s birthday.

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Yep, pocket gophers. There are voles about a mile from us, but we have not seen them at our place.

Your pocket gophers must be different than ours in MN.

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They could be I guess. I’ve never been up there to know. These are terribly damaging and can chew a decent size tree off in short order.

We trap them, gas them, blow them up, drown them out, shoot them, and occasionally smash one with a shovel or boot. It is a constant battle.


They’re destructive here too, but they spend nearly their entire lives below ground. Shooting them is pretty much impossible. So are smashing them with whatever you may have available. You just don’t see them. Ours are also generally solitary. One may make a bunch of mounds, but catch it and the mounds are done…until/if a new one moves in.

Sorry about your dog.

(and i don’t believe gophers have a heaven …but good luck with the treatments)


Did it work?

Sorry about your dog. That is so sad!

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It was. She had five 3 week old pups too. One we kept, but he is no where near the working dog his mama was.


The developer Steve says that when bound with the exhaust molecules the carbon monoxide is heavier then air. So Google might be right, but his sales flier not false.

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What do they eat most?

Well, they don’t overly like persimmon roots, but they eat the heck out of romance series cherries. They eat pear, plum, apple, apricot and peach. Bermuda grass roots too.

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My guys do it all the time. Unplug their hole and wait. When they surface pushing dirt …BLAM!