Welcome our newest admin

Please welcome @hoosierquilt aka Patty as a new growing fruit admin. Patty adds west coast representation as well as many years of experience administrating a large online forum.


Welcome Admin Patty.

From sea to shiny sea!!!


Very good news. Welcome Patty.

Welcome Patty

One more person I can’t piss off now…

Yay Patty! Good choice!

Great choice! Congrats Patty!

Sweet! Thanks for taking it on, and congratulations.

Thank you, everyone. I was very nice of Scot and the admins. to ask, and I hope I can do a fine job for you all :slight_smile:


Ditto on all of it… GREAT CALL!!! Go get 'em Patty

WoooHooo!!! Great choice.

Congrats Patty! Your a good fit.

Patty, you’re the perfect person for the job! Thanks for taking it on! :heart_eyes:

Congratulations, Hoosierquilt/Patty.


Welcome and congrats Hoosierquilt! You are awesome already and you fit in great. I have read a lot of your comments and I am glad your expertise has been added…Keep up the good work gardening family!

Thanks for all the votes of confidence, much appreciated and hoping to do a good job for everyone :slight_smile:


Welcome Patty! They chose well :wink:

Thank you, Greg, very kind of you to say!