What are you ordering, 2018


I admire your tenacity and appreciate you sharing your results.


Just picked up a Spring Satin plumcot today. On sale at Bates nursery near Nashville. Very nice dependable nursery. Got the Spring Satin 2gal potted for half-off and a large 5 gal. Black Jack Fig for half price. The black jack will be transferred to a 20 gal. pot and stay a potted fig. Seems we are zone pushing just a bit with the Black jack. :crazy_face:
They do a half off sale just before Christmas every year and have quite a bit of stuff left. Almost added a Pink Lady, Northern Spy and Honeycrisp Apple trees for half off as well. My orchard has quickly reached 50 trees so decided to wait. Apples are about the only fruit I haven’t plunged into.


Have you tried black jack? I have two Chicago hardy’s in pots but would like to eventually put one in ground and get a second type of fig maybe less cold hardy but with a different flavor than CH


No I have not but have heard it is very good!!


Fedco’s quantity discounts for 2018 orders ends on Friday (Jan 19).

10% - 0ver $200
15% - over $400
20% - over $1000



So I think I have my final orders in for the spring 2018. I have ordered William’s Pride and Gold Rush apples, Harrow Sweet pear, Susquehanna paw paw and toka plum.

I have ordered scions from Burnt Ridge, as follows: Arkansas Black, Freedom, Hudson Golden Gem, Macoun, Korean Giant pear, Shinsui pear and Early Laxton plum.


I’m really out of ideal planting space but like the disease it is. i ordered more. i have bog blueberry, razz blueberry, deerberry, 2 austin dewberry, 3 buffalo berry ,3 golden currant, 1 september raspberry and a pinoit meunier pixie grape coming this spring. i also have numerous canadian blackberry and native rooted elderberry cuttings in the garden. in my garage i have a carmine jewel and 3 bareroot native blackcurrant i potted in early fall. where the hell I’m going to plant them , i don’t know. friend of mine has some land that he said i can plant and harvest it as he has no plans for it so most will wind up there.


Well, I pulled the trigger on ordering the items I’ve been yakking about on here for the last few months. Other than a couple more berry plants, this will be it for this year.

From Indiana Berry:

Summer red raspberries: Prelude, Killarney, Nova
Summer purple rasp: Royalty
Summer black rasps: Bristol, Mac Black
Fall bearer rasps: Caroline, Joan J, Double Gold, Anne

Primocane blackberries: PrimeArk Freedom, PrimeArk Traveler
Floricane blackberries: Osage, Ouachita

Scheduled delivery date: April 1

From Bay Laurel Nursery:

Pluots: Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, Geo Pride

Scheduled delivery date: First week of March

Some of the raspberry orders are re-do’s from last year. I planted some rasps in late spring (June), and only one sprouted after planting. Some were sprouting before I planted them. They did this as I was waiting for the soil to dry out. They should have been in a frig, instead of the office. Hopefully these new ones will do better.

The pluots I think are a good combination of the different flavors of these fruits. I hope they will do well in my environment. Think I’ll have better luck with them actually fruiting than some apricots I was considering last year. The delivery in the first week of March might be a bit early for our locale, but that is the latest they will ship. So, hopefully our ground will be workable by then.

First two trees are on Myro rootstock, the third on Citation. I know it’s not recommended for KY, but I couldn’t get it on Myro. So, we’ll see how it does here. It’s supposed to be cold hardy, and tolerates wet soil, so it should be OK.

Now. Where are all these berries gonna go?? Much preparation to do…

Question: I’m looking for a couple more blackberry plants that only Ison’s has in stock. Does anyone have a report on berries ordered from them? Thanks!


I can tell you that Ison’s blueberries, cherry, pomegranate, and plum trees are excellent.

If you have questions about rootstocks, just e-mail the namesake family owners. They will respond promptly.

Some of my biggest and best plants came from them, including my rabbiteyes: Ochlockonee and Climax have performed far and away the best for me.


Thanks for the reply. I was interested only in a Marionberry and Boysenberry. Their shipping is reasonable ($11) compared to other places, and you can use code SNOW15 to get 15% off. Good to hear that they ship big plants.

I wanted to get a MB from Bay Laurel, but they have already sold out of them. Something is bugging me about my order with BL though. I did the order last night, and have got no confirmation email from them. I did get an order number when I was done paying for it. You apparently can’t start an account on the site, or maybe I’m missing something. They did say they wouldn’t bill my card until right before shipping. But, still I’d like some kind of confirmation. Is this normal from BL?

In comparison, I got an email from Indiana Berry this morning about my order.


I don’t recall the exact specifics of my order with BL, but I do remember I changed things around after I ordered. I wasn’t getting a great vibe doing e-mail contact only, so I called them and spoke to them and they cleared up everything in about 5 minutes, and were friendly and polite while doing so. Everything arrived promptly, and in good condition, and I was charged what I was supposed to be charged.

Bottom line: like many nurseries, I don’t think e-mail is their forte, but give them a call and all should be good.


Thanks. Were you able to open an account on their site? Did they send you some kind of confirmation email after you made the order, or maybe after you called them?

On just about all the other sites, you have to open an account with them. These include Stark Bros, Cummins, ACN, Honeyberryusa, Plantmegreen, Indiana Berry, etc.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid. Guess I should give them a call.

BTW, what did you order from them, and how are are your plants doing now (if I may be so nosy)?

I’ve noticed you’re in Georgia, and Ison’s is as well, so I was wondering if you’ve ordered anything from them, and if so, how were their products? Thank you.

Update: I just got an conf email from them. So that’s good. Guess I’m too impatient…


I got a PDF of an invoice after I made my order initially and then after I made my changes. Unfortunately, I don’t really remember about the account.

I got Gold Dust peach on Citation and Tomcot on Citation from BL. Tomcot on Citation is doing great thus far. Gold Dust on Citation hardly grew. However, I don’t think that that is their fault. Pretty much everyone on this site says not to get a peach on Citation as they have a tendency to runt out. I just took the chance because I wanted the Gold Dust peach.

I’ve never used Ison’s, although I thought about it a few times. I ended up purchasing my blueberries from Bottoms Nursery (another online Nursery in Georgia) instead, because they had more of a selection than Ison’s, and I think they were a bit cheaper. I was happy with what Bottoms Nursery sent me, and if you were looking for blueberries, I’d give them some consideration. But I haven’t heard anything but good about Ison’s, so I think you’re in good hands. :slightly_smiling_face:


I ordered a Warrens 346 and a Carlson’s 3 ultranorthern pecan from Grimos Nut in Canada, somewhat against my better judgment. Sounds like I may be a test guinea pig. I’ve already learned the hard way one must protect them very well from rodents. In late summer they got under my hardware wire cage which had tilted to one side and they girdled the one surviving tree I have. Now waiting for Global Warming to kick in here.


I didn’t know Grimos Nut shipped to the US


Apparently they do. Certain kinds of trees are prohibited by certain U.S. states. They can’t send nut pines to the U.S., I believe.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I worry about getting the Geo Pride on Citation, but they don’t sell a standard size tree. So, I’m taking a bit of a chance. But, @Jwsemo said upthread he has several pluots on this rootstock and they have done well. Apricots, or peaches/nects, not so much. I guess we’ll see either way.


I only ordered one tree this year, a fig from JFE. They have the friendliest and best customer service I’ve ever encountered. I ordered one tree and have received multiple emails asking many questions regarding my weather and when I would like it shipped and how I would like it packaged. I’ve never encountered a company that cared so much about a customer buying a single item. I hear people gripe about there shipping charges, to me it is more than worth it.


I’ve ordered muscadines from Ison’s and they have sent me fantastic plants. They are pretty much Muscadine specialists but I haven’t heard complaints about their plants. And I have had to contact them regarding orders before and always got a prompt reply. I will continue to use them if they have what I want. Bottoms Nursery is also widely respected and I’m going to be ordering some from them this year.



I ordered 8 Contender peaches & a Dawn Redwood from Fedco last night & got a 10% discount by the skin of my teeth.