What are you ordering, 2018


Thinking about ordering Spring Satin from Adams or Stark Bros. Stark’s is cheaper for one tree but i could order the Tangos from Adams and make ordering a little more feasible (as i hate to order just 1 tree and pay all that shipping). If I order from Adam’s, what can i expect as compared to ordering a supreme SS from Stark’s? Adams seems $ too me but if it’s worth it; i will consider it. By the way, Saturn does well for me so I’m guessing Tangos will produce in my low chill area.


I know you directed your answer to @Olpea, but I could offer a response to your question. This year, I ordered a Supreme Standard Blushingstar peach (Lovell rootstock) from Stark’s, and it was about 4ft tall, and very thick, maybe a 3/4" caliper. It has done fair, it’s put out a few decent scaffolds. It had decent roots.

I also ordered a Contender peach (Lovell RS) from Adams County, and it was about the same height and thickness, but had a larger rootball, and more feathers on it, which I pruned. It has put on more growth than the Stark’s tree, which may be because of the better roots.

I ordered one other tree from both nurseries, so to ship two trees, ACN charged $20, and Stark’s charged about $18, I think. ACN will waive the shipping cost if your order 5 or more. If less than 5, they charge different shipping fees depending on your location. For you in AL, it’d be $20:


BTW, both trees cost about $31, so no price difference. Hope this helps.


thanks for your response. I ordered Blushingstar from Starks also and got the Supreme Dwarf. Over the years, I’ve order several trees from Starks and i do see a noticeable difference in caliper when ordering Supreme (seems to be worth the extra money). But, I also see a noticeable difference in the initial growth of my Starks trees as compared to trees ordered from other nurseries. Thought it was interesting that you seem to have seen the same. I was blaming the lackluster Blushngstar growth on Citation (or whatever dwarfing root stock they use) but i have noticed same on plums and apples from Starks. If I order from Starks again, i might stick with their standard versions but i really like trying different nurseries - particularly for small orders.

I’m thinking lovell is the best root stock for early vigor in peach trees (which are the slowest to get started for me).


I had never ordered from Stark’s before. I ordered a Supreme Standard Starking Delicious pear from them as well. It has put on some decent scaffolds. The other tree I got from ACN was a Harrow Sweet pear, and it’s put out more leaves than the Stark tree, but they are different varieties and different rootstock. Stark’s has a pear seedling RS, and ACN is OHxF87.

I avoided a dwarf peach rootstock as our local university’s data does not recommend Citation for KY. All four of my peach trees are on Lovell.

I know some folks have issues with Stark’s, but as far as delivery time and size of trees I was pleased, as well as ACN. Time will tell how the trees do. It’s hard to compare different varieties from different vendors. I don’t like not knowing what RS Stark’s trees are on, but they did tell me when I emailed them.

If I had to buy the same tree, I’d prob prefer ACN, as I thought they had better feathering and roots. But, like I said it’ll be a while to see how those four trees do.


I already ordered a Precose Marigoule hybrid chestnut for fall planting. It replaces a poor performer from this year. Hoping for fresh chestnuts within 3 years, maybe. Reportedly fast growing and a pollinator for other chestnut cultivars.

I also ordered a peach leaf curl resistant Nectarine, Kreibich, for fall planting. PLC and canker make peaches a very iffy proposition for me but I keep trying.

Maybe Frost or another peach leaf curl resistant peach, although I have not had much luck with those.

More deer fencing and posts. Taller, stronger, and smaller openings.

Probably some apple scion, maybe Honeycrisp, Fameuse, Firecracker if I can find it. Or wait for Home Orchard Society scion fair.

Thinking about Babycakes blackberry but maybe it’s just a gimmick?


From Englands Nursery has anyone had a chance to try the new “Lehmans Delight” persimmons? Sounds promising. I think I will be getting one. http://www.nuttrees.net/index.html

“Lehman’s Delight From the Breeding work of Jerry Lehman of Terra Haute Indiana, one of his newest creations. Very large fruit, smooth flesh, clear pulp, and made to be loved. While not a large tree it is one of the heaviest producing persimmon I have ever witnessed. With very good flavor and smooth flesh, this fruit is all about taste.”


I have 100-46 “Lehman’s Delight” but haven’t got fruit yet. im really looking forward to the day I do.


Was this its first year? :slight_smile:


Third. It dropped some fruit, so hopefully next year is the year.


That’s great, cannot wait for your report on it. Exciting


It’s been a very long time since I’ve ordered directly from Starks. My first fruit trees (around 1995) I ordered from Starks, but I think they’ve changed hands several times since then. I’ve ordered a few trees from Gurney’s/Henry Fields and some of them have come from Louisiana MO according to the inspection certificate. Louisiana MO is Starks.

Honestly, I’m not that big a fan of Starks. They aren’t the same outfit they were 30 years ago, or 100 years ago. I have a friend who bought some trees a few years ago and some of them (like a small block of a variety) were rootstocks, not the grafted variety.

Re: vigor
In the end, it’s my opinion, with new peach trees, vigor is really dependent on the soil/weather conditions where it is planted, assuming the rootstock is vigorous, and nematodes aren’t a factor.

In my locale, a very thin/small peach tree will grow like a weed, if it’s up out of the water drown zone, and a weed free area is maintained. I always request the smallest peach trees, so I don’t have to dig a big hole, and can train them.

Apples/pears are different. It takes a while to get them established and growing. And I’ve had them stall.

In terms of price, Adams is very expensive. I’ve ordered at least 25 trees from them every year for the past 6 years (one year I ordered about 150). I think I ordered my first trees from them in 2006. I really don’t think they’re that great, but keep ordering from them because it’s the only nursery I can find the peach varieties I want. They are overpriced and sent me plenty of mislabeled stuff. They once sent me a tree with visible crown gall, which I think I originally got introduced to my ground because of Adams.

The thing is, they are tied in tight with Rutgers new releases and carry stuff worth trialing or planting in the Midwest. I don’t see any other nursery which carries such a varied selection for the East or Midwest. So I keep paying their rip-off prices for questionable stock.

Cumberland Valley is starting to carry some good East coast/Midwest stock at bargain basement prices. The twenty trees I ordered from Cumberland this summer were dirt cheap. They typically send small stock, but that’s what I request anyway. If they just carried more stuff useful in the Midwest, I’d scream their name from the mountaintops.

In the end, if you are determined to try a certain variety, you have to get it where you can.


I think I will wait for the scion of Spring Satin that @Auburn will try and send me. I really appreciate his offer to do that. For my desire for Tangos, I think it will have to be fulfilled by Sweet Bagel peach - which I have on order from Bay Laurel. If anyone has experience with Sweet Bagel - please share. It does meet my low chill requirement and does give me a flat yellow peach. Thanks for your insightful information.


I’ve grown sweet bagel. Very delicious but was ungrowable long term here because of rain.


I have little self-control on this front (y’all know what I mean), so almost immediately after my last post, I placed an order for Emerald Beaut, Flavor King, and Flavor Supreme as well as a Lapins cherry on Z-Dwarf. I’ve owned some of those trees before but they died on me. I’m also eyeing some persimmons, especially Saijo and JT-02. Cold hardiness doesn’t mean much but the glowing review of its flavor did. I like persimmons so I have high hopes.


Ha! Reading this thread is very hard for those of us who have no self-control either. I’m trying to rationalize buying rootstocks so I can graft some more trees right now…


I have no business buying more trees this season… yet there I go again.

I have Honey Jar jujube coming this fall from JF&E.

I also have Sansa apple (Geneva.11) and Harvest Queen pear (on Quince) coming next month from Cummins.

I might yet add an apricot or two to the mix…


The 2018 catalog has been released from Fedco Trees cooperative of Maine:


I ordered watermelon seeds from it in the spring so they sent me a catalog last week. I like reading Fedco catalog. It has good info and interesting stories about fruit tree varieties.


OK, after I said I prob won’t get any more trees, I may have changed my mind a bit. I had said that I’d like to try some apricots, but was worried about losing blossoms to late frosts. So, I looked into interspecifics, namely pluots. They seem to have a bit more hardy blooms or bloom later than apriums/apricots, so they might work here a bit better.

I think I have narrowed down the ones I’d be interested in, but would prob only order two of them. From what folks on here have said, I believe Flavor King would be my first choice and for the second, it would be between Flavor Supreme and F Grenade.

A few questions, would FK cross pollinate alright with either of these others? If not, would I have to try another plum, like a Santa Rosa? I have read in other posts on here that FS doesn’t have the showiest of blooms, and may not set that much. Also, Dapple Dandy might be a choice. So between the ones I’ve listed how would y’all rank them as far as flavor and productivity?

I’m looking at getting my trees from Bay Laurel. What is typical size of their bare root trees, as far as height, caliper thickness, and root structure/size? I would try Adams County, but all their hybrids are mostly on Citation, and that RS isn’t recommended here. BL uses Myrobalan for their full sized trees, mostly.



Any responses?

Beuller? Beuller?